Sunday, April 29, 2007

How I Will Spend My Summer 2007

All of this down time from running has allowed the opportunity to spend a lot of time thinking about how I will train the summer. Perhaps too much time and too much thinking.

I have starting doing research on what kind of training it will take me to post a sub 3-hour performance in Chicago on October 7th. That’s right, a marathon time that starts with the highly intimidating marathon number "2". After all, Robert Cheruiyot’s winning times at Boston and Chicago both start with that same number. Guess it would put me in some rather elite company.

I have reviewed Pfitz’s 55-mpw program, which is what I followed for last year’s BQ. Pfitz has another variant of the same program that is called the "up to 70-mpw" program. The schedule looks really challenging for me. I won’t be ready to jump in 53 miles in week 1, which is to begin on June 14.

So I’ve decided I may do a sort-of "hybrid" or "median" of the two. I’ve started designing my schedule to target the exact mid-point of the weekly mileage goals between the two programs. To put this into context, the lower mileage program averages 44-mpw over the entire 18 weeks, whereas the heavier mileage plan calls for an average of 62 miles/wk (with five long runs of 20 or more). My "median" program as it stands now will put me in at around 52 average per week.

I have grandiose visions of running this ridiculously fast time of 2:59 in Chicago, while also looking for motivation while I run for my to-be-determined charity. I will shatter all of my PR’s along the way: 5k, 10k, 10M, half-mary, 30k - basically any distance I race this year.

I then think about my forthcoming summer: the pain of running 1:20 400m repeats in the early morning sun, the heatstroke risk, the missed BBQ’s, the juggling of my work travel schedule to maximize my running time, the early Friday night’s to bed for Sat long runs, the awkward explanations to neighbors when shunning their weekend social invitations... all to train.

Then the fear creeps in around what if I give my all and don’t make it. There could be worse things, but what a wasted summer to run, say, a 3:04. Big deal, that’s hardly different than the 3:10 and I could have had a more relaxed summer. Besides, I’m already qualified for Boston 2008.

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t doubt myself. I had these same thoughts when I was contemplating a 3:10 and a trip to Boston. I accomplished exactly what I set for last year.

I did manage to do some more recovery running this week. I will carefully raise the mileage back up, a vacation to Aruba on May 8 notwithstanding. I need to be able to run 40 miles per week starting June 4th.

For some great inspiration and laugh, check out this Bob guy’s before and after video at Boston. Don’t know this guy, but I love this video. Note that he ran a 2:59 in Boston. Sweet.

Recap of April 23 week

Mon - Rest
Tue - 4 mi - 8:05/mi
Wed - Rest
Thu - 4 mi - 8:18/mi
Fri - Rest
Sat - 6 mi - Springbrook Prairie - 7:47/mi
Sun - 3 mi recovery - 80 degrees - 8:24/mi
Total: 17 miles

Goal for April 30 week: 27


Steve said...

Too funny Ryan, I seriously just was watching the 'Big Bad' Bob video 10 minutes ago, and thought I HAVE TO forward you the link.

I am telling, don't underestimate your ability. Please don't. Go for gold my friend. YOu can do it, you can juggle it all and when all is said and done on 10/ can say, WOW! Personally, I wasn't surprised when you ran your 3:10..I knew you could do that too.

2:59....there is something sweet about it!!!!

LeahC said...

oooh a time starting with a 2 is exciting. You absolutly can do it. I look forward to follwoing your training this summer!

Whitney said... are you already qualified for Boston in 2008? I thought you had to re-qualify after you run it. am I wrong? please tell me I'm wrong.

Firefly's Running said...

Great plans, Ryan!

Fran said...

Good luck with the training. I'm sure you'll do fine this October.

jen said...

Ryan, you can do it. You have to try. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. (handy hockey quote!)

I've heard of people modifying the mileage in Pfitz' programs and it seems to work just fine. Good luck man!! :)

Banking Miles said...

Thanks for the shout out. Your summer plans sound nice. Much sacrifice comes much reward - from a fortune cookie I had recently.

Darrell said...

Interesting, I've had these same thoughts about my own pursuit of the BQ. Train well.