Saturday, July 28, 2007

Gut Check Time - 10 Weeks To Go

For my eighth week of training, I tallied 57 total miles, which was on the low end of my target range. I'd call it a good week of training.

While my mileage was slightly lower than last week's 61, my workout intensity was definitely higher. I did a speed tempo workout on Tuesday (albeit a little slow), 3 miles at LT on Thursday and a hard 20-mile long run yesterday.

Yesteday's run was my hardest, best workout of the season. I did 20 miles at 7:28 average pace. (see detail in image) While temps were reasonable, the humidity level was very high.
I wanted to test myself with MP mile towards the end of yesterday's run. I ran 6:56 for mile 18, but it was clear that I was not going to be able to hold that. My body was tired, my HR was too high and I felt winded. I think if the conditions would have been better, I would have had a stronger finish.

Between the 3 LT miles on Thursday which were rough, and yesterday's struggle to hold goal MP, it's clear that it's time to hunker down. It's gut check time.

I've got a solid base. Now I need to work hard on increasing lactate threshold and taking my miles up to 70. Right now, my paces clearly tell me that there is more work to do to get to a 3:00 pace range.

There is two weeks to an important time trial in the season: The Chicago Distance Classic. I am very hopeful I will show a marked improvement vs. my PR there last year. I want to crush last year's 1:30:24 with a sub-1:27.

This coming week mileage plan gets a little tricky with a business trip to London. Recap of this week and plan for next week posted below.

Recap of 7/23 week

Mon - 10 @ 7:40 avg pace
Tue - AM recovery 4 miles + eve speed work 6.5 = 10.5 mi
Wed - Rest
Thu - 10.5 mi in rain w/ 3 LT (6:40)
Fri - Recovery 6 mi
Sat - 20 mi @ 7:28 pace w/ 1 mile at MP
Sun - Rest

Total: 57 miles

Plan for 7/30 week

Mon - 13 miles - travel to London on red-eye
Tue - Rest
Wed - 10 in London's Hyde Park
Thu - 13 miles general aerobic
Fri - 6 recovery w/ 6x100m strides
Sat - 15 w/12 at MP
Sun - Rest

Goal total: 57 miles


edinburghrunner said...

Good effort on the 20 miler. Sounds like you are progressing well.

Fran said...

Holy crap, that is fast. Have fun in London!

Steve said...

Yes Ryan...time to buckle down. Just note: my MP HR is 165-166. So you 20 miler HR does not appear high to me; it just may be a zone you are not used to pushing during training. But if you focus on it; your body will wire itself so it is used to that pace.

Keep up the hard work.

Josh said...

6:56 at mile 18! Wow. Every time I check-in, you're kicking ass. Glad to see things are going well with your training. Have fun!

wayfool said...

Ryan.... that is fantastic mileage you're putting in there. I have just one suggestion for your long run that would be a confidence builder and might be more specific marathon training. I wouldn't worry about the HR too much because the hot conditions are worth anywhere from 5-10 bpm extra. Maybe next time, aim for about 14-15 miles at a 7:45-8:00 pace (don't rush it!), then drop it down to marathon pace (6:50) for the last 5-6. I think you can definitely handle as long as you don't wear yourself out at the beginning. Keep your chin up.... the mileage will pay-off!