Sunday, January 20, 2008

Battling The Deep Freeze

My training highlight of the week took place yesterday during a visit to the gym treadmill.

On the schedule was a “tune-up race” between 8-15k. I do not think Pfitzinger wrote his training schedule for those of us who train in Chicago winters for February marathons in Ohio.

There actually was a local 5k race yesterday, but it was –5 degrees at 8AM. Okay, call me a wuss, but I didn’t see how this short race in extreme temps would benefit my marathon goal. So off to the gym I went.

My plan was to put in a “simulated 8k race” at around 6:27 pace, if I could get there and hold it on a treadmill without going stir crazy.

I warmed up with an 8:45 mile and went into 6:39 pace for my first race pace mile. Each mile, I upped the speed gradually. By mile 4, I realized I was feeling really strong. So strong that I decided I would extend my planned 8k “self race” into a 10k.

It’s worth noting that I do not have a 10k PR that lines up well with my other PR’s. However, by mile 6, I was pushing 6:15 pace and planning for a sub-6 pace finish, which would crush my 10k PR. Here’s how I ended up:

1 - 6:39
2 - 6:35
3 - 6:31
4 - 6:27
5 - 6:25
6 - 6:12
0.2 - 1:10
10k time: 39:59

A 39:59 10-k is a PR by 1:53 for me. Okay, so it was on a treadmill, so it’s not a “real” PR, but it is a strong indicator of my fitness. This lines up with a 3:07 marathon. I was pumped with this result.

Today’s high temperature was about 14 degrees, with a real feel of 7. It was actually warmer than initially projected. Given tomorrow’s MLK holiday off from work, I postponed my 17-miler until tomorrow, when the temps will be into the balmy 20’s. I did a recovery 6 on the treadmill again today.

My total mileage this week was only 37 due to my schedule adjustment. With a 17-miler tomorrow and a 20-miler on Sunday, it will be a huge final week before taper. I am targeting 61-63 miles this coming week. Most notably, I have 1200m repeats scheduled for Wednesday and a hard 20-miler on Sunday.

Four weeks until marathon Sunday.


yumke said...

What a fantastic 10K run! to 'up' the speed throughout that distance shows how strong you are, like you probably had more in you than you even had..

Firefly's Running said...

Nice job on the treadmill. You were VERY smart to not run in the cold. Not worth it!

robtherunner said...

I'd say that's a pretty impressive 10k on the treadmill. Nicely done!

Darrell said...

Nice way to adjust the plan to the prevailining weather conditions. Congrats too on the 10K PR.

wayfool said...

nice job. You sound like you're set-up for a good race. I PR'ed at 10K 4 weeks before Philly as well, and then went pretty hard the following week before the taper. I think in your great shape and should have no problems hitting 3:10. You are possibly in 3:05 given the excellent 17 miler you did last week.