Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bring on the LCFB Marathon

I went into today's planned 21-mile run a slight degree of trepidation. Sure, I know I can run 21 miles. That's not the issue. However, would I be able to run it at a pace that would give me a strong indication of PR potential on Feb 17?

The temps were beautiful today in the Chicago area. Much sunshine with a high of 36. I waited until 1PM to start the run so that I could run in peak warmth.

Just a brief word on solo running. We all run solos. It's part of the drill. However, I do not underestimate the fact that every single training run I have put in during this marathon cycle has been on my own. I can only wonder what I could accomplish if I had a coach and a demanding, fit partner with whom to run.

Knocking out a near-marathon-pace 21-miler with no breaks (i.e. straight through, carrying your fuel belt and darting through intersections to keep your pace) is hard enough with a partner. Doing it in solitude is something in which I take great pride.

Why 21 miles? Pfitz had me scheduled for 20 but I wanted one-up him. I figured I could use the extra confidence.

Here are the results of today's run: 21 uninterrupted miles - avg pace: 7:17 - final five miles avg was 7:02 (final mile at 6:37).

I am thinking this kind of run, coupled with my other strong runs, will put me in good shape for a potential PR on February 17th. However, I believe the weather will need to be on my side. If it is zero farenheit, all bets are off. My best runs have been with temps in the 30's.

I really was surprised at my ability to hold sub-marathon goal pace towards the end. There were some tough miles due to wind and grade in the middle of the run. But when I hit 16, things got easier. I was able to kick into to overdrive and cruise through goal pace mileage with no issue.

Here is the recap for the week:

Mon 1/21 - 17 miles @ 7:38 avg pace
Tue 1/22 - Rest
Wed 1/23 - 10 miles w/4x1200m repeats - Nailed this workout on treadmill - repeats were done at 5k pace of 6:07
Thu 1/24 - Rest
Fri 1/25 - 9 miles on treadmill at 7:56 avg pace
Sat 1/26 - Recovery 5-miler at 8:38 avg pace
Sun 1/27 - 21-miler at 7:17 avg pace (2:33:09). NO STOPS WHATSOEVER. Final 5 miles at an average of 7:02.

Total: 62 miles

So my lovely, pregnant bride and I celebrated my run with a satisfying meal at ... of all places... this wonderful eating establishment. Of course, where else should I eat after that kind of run?!

Three weeks until the LCFB Marathon. Time to taper.


Fran said...

Nice job! Those are some wickedly fast training paces. Even if the weather's not the greatest, you'll have no problem setting a PR. Enjoy the taper!

wayfool said...

fantastic long run. I think you did a progression run without realizing it. I think under good conditions, you could go in the neighborhood of 3:03-3:04

Running Jayhawk said...

Way to go, Speedy! You are more than ready for LCFB.

We (being the tall kids and me/mike) want to take you and Jen to dinner sometime before the baby comes! Let me know if you want to wait until after the marathon!! We can make the trek down south, no problem. :)

yumke said...

Enjoy the taper. You are totally hungry and it's very inspiring you can do this solo!

robtherunner said...

Way to go, Ryan! No doubt that those last 5 miles are a good indication that you are in PR shape.

Steve said...

With a long run on Monday and your Wed Tempo/speed work, I would have to say the 21 miler on Sunday is not a ideal indicator of race day preformance. You will (or should I say can) run about 3-4% faster (or upper 6 pace). What I particularly like is the fast finish you did. The stamina is there; it doesn't appear you struggled. Go for the gold, my friend. I think you can run sub 7 pace...and if the weather is ideal and you are hungry enough, I have zero doubt you could run sub 3hr. Seriously!!!

Steve said... the steak for a victory dinner. :-)

See you soon at the LCFB. I will run 20 miles with you.

Darrell said...

Impressive, damned impressive. You've definitely done your part in insuring that PR.

johnking said...

Nice long run! I hope the weather pans out for you in Ohio. You can for sure PR, just don't do like most of us and go out way to hard...have some in the tank for the last 3 miles!

jen said...

Great job Ryan!! Very awesome. You'll rock at LCFB. Enjoy the taper and some extra time with your bride. :)