Saturday, January 12, 2008

Regaining Purpose in Running

I just purchased three running-related books that I received from Amazon this week:

Boston Marathon or Bust: A Proven Step-By-Step Program That Helps You Achieve Your Life, Sports, and Business Goals in Record Time.

I began reading this one right when I opened up the box. I'm already halfway through. It's a really easy read. Despite its title, It's not so much about running, as it is about goal setting.

The Last Pick: The Boston Marathon Race Director's Road to Success

I read the first few pages of this book to get a sense of what it's about. It is written by Dave McGillivray, who is the Director of the Boston Marathon. He seems like one hell of a motivated and successful person, based on what I read in the foreward by the myriad of athletes he has inspired. Anyone who runs from Seattle to Boston for charity is someone I want to know and learn about.

Runner's World Performance Nutrition for Runners: How to Fuel Your Body for Stronger Workouts, Faster Recovery, and Your Best Race Times Ever (Runners

I have only peeked into this one, but the bottom line is that I need to take my nutrition more seriously. Not only for running purposes, but more so to keep my energy levels up and my weight in check. After all, I am 32 1/2 now. I hope to learn and build some positive habits from this book.

I hope this book will build some inspiration and focus for me. I have found that am simply just going through the motions. Yes, I am putting in all of my runs. But I do not feel like I have been running with purpose. I plan to really focus on why and how I am running through some of my readings.

On a positive note, I will say that I feel good about the 5x1000m workout I nailed in total darkness on a windy high school track on Wednesday morning. No overhead lights to guide my steps.

I have run 27 miles this week so far. I will run a recovery six today. I then have an important 17-miler with 14 at goal pace (7:10-7:14) tomorrow, which will put me at 50 for the week.

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