Sunday, January 13, 2008

Re-energized & Determined

I have increased my level of focus on achieving a PR in my upcoming marathon five weeks from today. On the schedule today was a 17-mile run with 14 at marathon goal pace.

Goal pace range at this point is 7:10-7:14. I hope to put up a 3:09 or better at the LCFB Marathon.

I set out to run the first mile slower than goal pace then kick into steady pace miles for 14. I carried the fuel belt with the hopes of avoiding, or at least minimizing, stops. The plan was if I felt good, I would hang on for my final two "bonus" miles at goal pace.

As you can see from the numbers, things went well: 17 miles at an avg 7:09. Today's run was a huge lift. I felt really good most of the way through.

I did feel a little fatigue at 14, but that's not surprising. I only stopped a couple of times along the way - once for a minute at the half point to pee, and a second to wait for traffic to clear. All and all, I exceeded my expectations and am feeling that I am progressing toward a new marathon PR.

I know I could run these workouts even harder and faster if I had a training partner. Right now, however, I simply do not have one. I also know that I would be faster on pavement. The trail is torn up from the winter and the horse tracks. It needs resurfacing.

I turned in 50 miles for the week.

Every day for the next 5 weeks, I will focus on what I need to do to deliver my best marathon on Feb 17th.

Three key areas of focus:

(1) Nutrition / Weight Control -- My weight was up to 172 pounds today (damn choco chip cookies my wife made -- too good!). I think I need to be closer to a race weight of 167. I will try to shave a few over the next five weeks.

(2) Cross-Training -- Especially over the next two weeks, I want to maximize my fitness and avoid injury. Cross-training & stretching are critical.

(3) Mental conditioning -- This worked well for me during my Chicago '06 PR. I need to visualize my success and build it into my mind that I WILL PR.

I am going to get that PR that was due to me this past October.


Fran said...

Nice run! you make it look effortless.

Todd C said...

Nice run. you are on track to make 3:09! I enjoy following your blog the last few weeks.

yumke said...

Never cease to amaze me with your strength and determination (okay, and speed too). Will be rooting for you on marathon day.

What exactly do you wear for long winter runs?

Steve said...

3:09. All signs point to sub 3hr...don't think twice about it. They do.

7:09 pace for a 17 mile "training" run. That's sweet.

Think race have a taper, and the "race day Magic". What's 17 seconds a mile under those conditions?

jen said...

Great run!

You should be confident - you have the experience and the base, and now you're just fine tuning your 3:00 engine. :) You could probably run that today, but just think of the extra boost you will get out there in the race. You can do it!!