Sunday, February 10, 2008

Final Taper - 7 Days 'Til Dublin

I realized today that it has been nearly 3.5 months since I have run my last race. It was the Lakeshore Marathon on October 26th. I have run 633 miles in training since then. Man, that feels like forever and a lot of miles ago.

I am excited to visit Dublin, OH next weekend to hopefully knock out a strong race. Dublin is where I lived when began my first "real" job after college and the place I began my true adulthood. I guess you could say I feel some personal history was created there. I grew up dramatically between the ages of 22 and 25 while living there.

For the race, assuming decent weather, I plan to pace toward a 3:07-3:08 through 20 miles and take it from there. I will have some help as my Boston-bound friends Steve & Aaron will drive over from Pittsburgh to help pace me for most of the race.

I capped off another taper week with 12 miles on a treadmill today at 7:45 average pace. It's wicked cold here as it is throughout the midwest. I completed Pfitz's recommended 32 miles to a "T" this week.

I want to give a plug to Derek's Road to Boston blog. His website design prowness and his determination to get Pete P's permission to publish the Pfitz plan gives me ready access what is now my baseline training program anywhere at the world without carrying the book.

I can almost feel the spring running season coming upon us. Regardless of what happens during next Sunday's LCFB Marathon, I am very pleased with my decision to train through the winter. I am in very strong running shape right now. I'm hungry. I am ready to line up races throughout the spring until our baby's birth in early May.


Firefly's Running said...

Enjoy the rest of the taper. Good luck on Sunday! I am confident that you will be BQ.

Triseverance said...

Good luck in Dublin, to bad it's not Dublin Ireland.

johnking said...

Good luck with the Taper. I absolutely hate the taper weak. The nerves kick up a notch and I can't run to settle them down. I hope the weather is halfway-decent on Sunday. I got confidence in ya!

John Fenton said...

Impressive training lately, Ryan. If the weather cooperates, you should be in shape for a three-oh-low.

See you Sunday.


yumke said...

Good luck with the final taper! Will have to see if we can track your progress over the weekend!

Nitmos said...

Best of luck. Though, with all of the high caliber training you have done, I doubt luck plays much of a factor.

Cheesehead Runner said...

Hope the weather cooperates for you this weekend! Good Luck!

jen said...

Good luck this weekend Ryan! I look forward to your BQ report. :)