Sunday, February 03, 2008

Another 10k PR - 2 Weeks To Go

I am ready for the LCFB marathon in two weeks.

I am thrilled about yet another 10k PR that I set on the treadmill yesterday during a simulated tune-up race.

I know it's unofficial since it is not by any means a sanctioned race, but I am counting it as my PR. My "official" 10k race PR is 2:34 slower and just doesn't line up right with my other times. I bet I can run faster on pavement with the adrelanine of a race kicking me long.

Instead of fellow runners pounding the pavement with me, I had Foo Fighters "Best Of You" blaring from the IPod during my final stretch. I think the lady walking on the treadmill next to mine became a little frightened when she saw me pumping my fist and about to break into tune with a screeching Dave Grohl.

Warm-up mile: 8:45

Mile 1 - 6:34
Mile 2 - 6:31
Mile 3 - 6:28
Mile 4 - 6:22
Mile 5 - 6:16
Mile 6 - 6:00
Final 0.2 - 1:06

Total 10k time: 39:18 / 6:19 per mile -- McMillan marathon predictor: 3:04:26

I am curious what others think, but with the kind of pace progression in this 10k, I may be able to run a bit faster.

Today, I logged a steady 16-miler at an avg pace of 7:38. I trotted through it with confidence and no self-induced pressure of worrying about my pace all too much,

I put a taper-licious 42 miles this week including that smoking 10k and another speed workout with 5x600m repeats earlier in the week.

For my final upcoming pre-race week, I will again follow Pfitz to the script with 32 miles. Wednesday brings 2x1600m repeats, which I will run at the newly established 5k pace of 6:05. I will round out the week with an easy 12 next Sunday.

Given my indicators are trending closer to 3:05, I may reset PR pacing strategy for marathon day. I will not make a decision on that until race day, as the weather will obviously play a huge role.


yumke said...

Great job! a 6 minute mile on a treadmill must look like you're going crazy!

Theoutofshapeguy said...

Wow buddy! You are an animal.

johnking said...

Good times. My only advice, cus I have fallen victim to it, is stick to your pace. When I BQ'd I had 6:45 miles until mile 18 and then I steadly slowed down. Kick it out at the end.
A few beers, let me rephrase that. I usually have 5+ beers on a weekend night. Only one night though. And a shot of bourbon...try a few shots with a dash of coke as a drink. I love my makers mark!
Seriously, your times are looking good. You will be fine as long as you go within your limits...

robtherunner said...

I would tend to err on the conservative side until mile 18ish as well. Well, I mean I wouldn't, but smart people who set PR's do stuff like that so it's probably a good option.

wayfool said...

I'm telling you man... 3:03-3:04. On a course like that, you'll have no problems maintaining pace.