Friday, February 15, 2008

Bring On Marathon #11 - LCFB in Dublin, OH

Some final thoughts before I travel to Columbus tomorrow morning.

Forecasts call for above average temps in the 30's-40's with threats of winds and steady rain. I suppose it beats single digits and sunny.

I reflected on this November 20th post when I thought I injured myself. I've had an outstanding winter of running since then. No injuries and plenty encouraging results. It's been a fantastic three months of training.

This training cycle seems special, since it went without incident and I did it pretty much in solitude. I have found a way to integrate the 55mpw Pfitz plan into my life with absolutely no issue. I just put it the miles and they come easy. I plan. I work. I run. I plan more. I adjust. I work. I run.

What's more, despite the fact that most of the speed work was inside, I feel I put in more quality miles than I did last summer.

My friends Steve and Aaron will be driving over from Pittsburgh to run part or most of the race with me. They've already earned this year's ticket to Boston. Now I am going to get mine.

I have decided that I will be going out at 3:06 pace. That is steady 7:06's if I can swing it. I'd be less than forthright if I said I wasn't nervous. However, based on some of my long runs, this should be right in range where I should be for marathon pace.

On Sunday, it will be time to reap the benefits of my hard work. It's time to show how commitment leads to success.

Before I race, I will say a prayer for the fallen victims at Northern Illinois University. I will say a prayer for the health of my unborn daughter. I give thanks to God for my family, my health, my freedom and the drive that keeps me running. Then I will go run with courage, pride and determination -- and give it everything I've got.


Arcane said...

Good luck Ryan! I'll be rooting for you!

johnking said...

GOOD LUCK! I'll be checkin in to see how you did.

yumke said...

Run strong and good luck!

robtherunner said...

Good luck out there, Ryan! Prayers are definitely in order for everything you mentioned and also for yourself.

Firefly's Running said...

Good luck, Ryan!!