Sunday, February 24, 2008

Recovered & Ready to Ramp Up

I must say this week of recovery flew by pretty rapidly. Having President's Day off was perfect timing after Sunday's race. I didn't leave the house on Monday.

Since then, I have relaxed, eaten like a pig, enjoyed a great deal of downtime and have run a whopping 13 miles. So much for downtime... Boston is eight weeks off and I need to start preparing.

I plan to start ramping back up this week. Plan is to get to around 32-34 miles this week and then crank back up to at least the low fifties the following week.

J and I went to Lamaze class yesterday, but had to miss today when she came down with the flu suddenly. The more I learn about a woman's first childbirth, the more I think that it is highly unlikely that J will go two weeks early (which would mean Boston is OUT).

Of course it's possible if there are complications, but hopefully my little girl will root me on in Boston from the womb so I can meet her when I get back. We will visit the doc right before the trip to get his guidance.

I registered for Boston earlier this week and have received my confirmation. The lottery for NYC opens up tomorrow, so I am going throw another $150 at a race tomorrow. I don't have expectations I will get in, but I do want to do NYC someday, and it may take a few years. (Seems easier to pay than to run a 2:55 to qualify).

Next, I will have to sign up for St. George in early April. The fees are adding up - which means the peak running season is nearly upon us. Yippee!


johnking said...

Wow, didnt know you had to run a 2:55 to qualify for NY. Ouch. I'd like to run it sometime, maybe next year cus Boston and Chicago are already on the plate for this year. Less than 2 months from beantown...

Running Jayhawk said...

I'll be right there with you crossing all my crossables for an entry to NYC.

Darrell said...

And they tell us running is a relatively inexpensive sport. Relatively speaking, I guess.

Firefly's Running said...

I hope you get your entry into NYC. I am also crossing my fingers that things with your wife's pregnancy goes well.

wayfool said...

ryan... your rest week is well deserved! I hope to see you in NYC also. I signed up myself and am hoping to get an entry, too.