Monday, April 14, 2008

Bracing for a Boston-less baby bash!

Today is Monday, April 14, 2008. I am t-minus who knows what from becoming a father.

I put in an unusually paltry 35 miles this past week. 35 miles doesn't seem like a lot in a week relative to my usual weeks.

However, one must bear in mind that I had a very busy week of travel, meetings -- and even attended an event in support of this honorable charity at a Times Square hotel where this ground-breaking, media mogul spoke a few words. I'm quick to self-criticize lest I forget I banged out runs of 20 and 16 last week.

All of this low mileage was planned, mind you even further, since, technically speaking, I am in taper. Yes, I am registered for the granddaddy of all marathons which is to be run exactly one week from today.

In the spirit of reality checking, I do not think I will be boarding my flight toward New England this weekend. It's a hard pill to swallow - with a killer PR set back in February and some steady running ever since.

We must all consider that there is a larger and more life-altering experience in the making - to which virtually all child-bearing women in the world would boast with disgust: "How could you even think of boarding that plane on Saturday?!" We're still two weeks out from the due date come this weekend, but there's no consolation to be found anywhere if I lose this gamble.

I've laid out a "Plan B" (i.e. for BABY!) for when I officially come to terms with canceling my trip to Boston, which is currently set for Saturday. Again, I've not made this call - but I am slowly realising (yes, English spelling intended) that this will be the honorable, wise and ultimately "right" choice.

With Boston 2008 dreams dashed, and a new found and far more impactful miracle about to enter my life, my next challenge might be to enter this marathon, which will invite the new challenges of sleep deprivation and a new, far more meaningful inspiration for my next PR.

On another exciting note, if I "win" two marathon lotteries this year (which bring about as much wealth as ... ?), I could potentially be 20% complete with the 50 in 50 challange. Only 40 to go at age 33? NO PROBLEM!


Arcane said...

I'd say don't risk it by going. There's a first time for everything and I'm sure you'd have a hard time forgiving yourself if you missed the due date. Whatever you plan on doing, I wish you luck.

wayfool said...

Its a bummer but a worthy sacrifice. I look forward to your example of baby running in the coming months!

yumke said...

Plenty of Bostons in your future! Excited for you, I picture you running with the stroller in about a years time.. (mayber sooner)

mg said...

I'm surprised your wife even let you register for Boston - once I hit 36 weeks, my husband was on strict orders to not travel more than an hour away "just in case." I agree with the guys above that it sucks to miss Boston, but you really don't want to risk missing the birth of your child. Your plan to run Green Bay sounds pretty good - and you never know, you might not be too sleep deprived to get in some great training and a great race. Good luck to you with the training and fatherhood and to your wife for her upcoming L&D and motherhood!

johnking said...

Goodluck with your choice. Tough call, but I know you're making the right one! There will be many more...just name the child Boston if it is born on Monday!

jen said...

I'm proud of you for making this tough choice, Ryan. I know running is very important to you, and this is BOSTON, but you have your priorities straight. Even though the baby probably won't come this weekend or next week, you can be a big help to your 38 weeks pregnant wife and I"m sure there are tons of preparations to be made for baby. You'll be busy I'm sure.

Plus, you can track your me and the others online (hehe, I'm bib # 14709).. it will help me run fast knowing you would be if you were there! You'll be there next year for sure, and it can be baby's first Boston. :)