Monday, April 07, 2008

Preparing for running daddyhood

I ran 54 miles this week and proved to myself that I am in very strong marathon shape. However, there is still a great deal of uncertainty than I will head to Boston.

I have to admit that I was a bit dejected on Monday afternoon when I bonked when trying to run a 20-miler. Apparently, I was more spent from Sunday’s 8k race that I realized.

Here’s what went down: I left work earlier to go to Springbrook Prairie and start my 20-miler by 4:30 PM. I was spent by the fourth mile and cut back to recovery pace. I was smart enough to call it quits after 6. It was the low point of the week and I channeled that frustration in to a first for me.

I rested up on Tuesday and vowed to redeem myself by attempting something I never had in the past: Doing a 20-miler before a full workday. This required meticulous planning.

On Wednesday, I rose at 4:30 AM and hit the pavement by 5:00 AM. I banged out a solid 20-miler before work and made it into the office by 8:15 AM. How many can say they’ve done that?

This weekend brought loads of friends and family to celebrate J’s baby shower. Even with all the fun, chaos of hosting 6 adult guests and my 20-month niece at our house, I squeezed in 28 miles over the weekend.

Friday was a fun fartlek, which included 1.5 miles at 5k race pace and the final two at MP of about 7:05.

On Sunday, I crushed 16 at the Morton Arboretum in the beautiful 60-degree weather. It was a great run. Most encouraging was that I ran a 7:18 avg pace and held an average heart rate of 151. That’s a substantially lower HR than I have ever seen for this kind of pace running through the hills.

I am keeping Boston as a possibility but am keeping our pregnancy as priority #1. J had a dr. appt earlier this week and the initial prognosis is that she is ahead of her May 5 due date. She has another appt this week with her primary doc, which we hope will really tell us if she is ahead of schedule.

Recap of March 31 week

Mon – 6 miles at 8:04 avg pace – bonked on failed 20 mi attempt
Tue – Rest
Wed – 20 miles – 7:27 avg
Thu – Rest
Fri – 7 miles – Fartlek – 1.5 mi at 6:03 avg pace – final 2 at 7:07 pace
Sat – 5 recovery – 8:36 avg paceSun – 16 miles at Morton Arboretum – 7:18 / 151 avg HR


jen said...

Great week, Ryan. You made a smart choice ending that long run early.. certainly it was that race that ran you down, but a little extra recovery and you're back in top shape!

I think the most I ever ran before work was 13 miles.. it is a cool feeling. You did more exercise before work than most people do in a week.

The baby is going to be here soon!! I'm so excited for you guys. Sending prayers for a perfect labor and baby. :)

Darrell said...

So cool that you've PR'd at every distance in 2008.

Never underestimate the toll a race can take on you. All those PR's have a cost. It sounds like you are in the best running shape of your life. I really hope Boston can happen for you but that new little one is priority numero uno.

All the best.

yumke said...

Congrats on a great run before work no less! I have never even considered such a long run in a week day.

There will be plenty of Bostons in your future so there's no rush, right?

Nitmos said...

Good luck. Hopefully everything works out how you want. After last year, you deserve a Boston in "normal" conditions.