Monday, April 21, 2008

Cheering Boston from a Distance

So I was not in Hopkinton today. I was at my desk in Plainfield, Illinois. And our little bundle of joy has not arrived yet. Damn. I think I would have been landing just around now in Chicago back from Boston. Oh well, I know I made the right choice.

I had mixed emotions as I began obsessively tracking individual times on the website today.

I am inspired by some of the performances I saw through the splits on the computer screen, which I know tell very little of the Boston experience for my running friends.

For example, I was inspired by my friend Steve (who basically gave up on his blog), who came just short of his 2:49:59 goal by about 90 seconds - only to see Lance Armstrong gallup in a scant 34 seconds ahead of him. I "watched" a handful of others I know personally and through blogland on the race site. My heart was racing as I hit that refresh button every minute.

Congratulations to all of you that I tracked through Boston today. You know who you are: Jen, John K, Wayne, Chad and many others who I'm probably forgetting - or don't blog. I'll see you in Beantown next year - maybe with wife and baby in tow.

On Saturday, I came in 4th overall and won my age group at a local 10k race. I was quite upset I didn't break under 40 min and couldn't understand why my splits felt slow.

The course was a bit zaney with a lot of repeat loops and several hills in a local park. There were volunteers pointing directions at multiple turns and I am only guessing I went the right way.

Finally, the race director was forthcoming at the end and announced he think most of us ran long due to confusion on the race course on where to make certain turns. Oh well, it was a first time small race and at least I got a medal and a good workout. I guess it is a PR still, since my best race 10k recorded was a 41:52. So my 2008 P.R. streak is alive.

On an even more depressing note, my Forerunner 305 completely died during yesterday's 18 mile run. I must confess I'm a bit disappointed. It's not even two years old and it completely crashed. I cannot even revive it.

The new 405 is being released this month and is $399 with the HRM. Ouch. I can replace my 305 for $202 right now. Half the price. I think I will re-buy the 305. $400 is a lot on a technology gadget that has not been released and is still unproven.

Time to focus on Green Bay on May 18th - and get my wife to eat some spicy food to get this kid into the world!


Cheesehead Runner said...

I tracked Bostonites from work as well, I'm still trying to get there myself...but I've heard nothing but good things about Green Bay!

wayfool said...

thanks for your support! I know you would have put in a strong effort with the near perfect conditions.

How is babywatch going?

Arcane said...

congratulations on the 10k. Don't have any regrets on the decision you made. You made the right decision. I've kinda been drooling about the garmin 405. I think my Polar footpod thing has finally gone into the crapper like yours did.

jen said...

Thanks for the props! Congrats on your 10k AG win and PR and my condolences on your Garmin.

You haven't updated in several days... is there a Ryan Jr yet? Prayers are with you guys for a healthy delivery. :)