Monday, March 16, 2009

Cary Half Marathon Report

Yesterday, I set a new half marathon PR at the March Madness race up in Cary, IL.

My watch said 1:26:38 and I think the official time was 1:26:42. There is no chip timing at this race and I was slightly behind the start line.

You can see splits and details of the run on my training log. I'm now using the cool GPS upload feature that the Runningahead site offers. Now you can see my routes for my outside runs.

I was a bit concerned about whether or not the legs would hold up late in the race given I'm a peak training mileage right now. I faded substantially late in the race, particularly when I hit the killer hill at back of mile 10.

I guess it's silly to be disappointed over a 2:40 PR, but I feel that, if properly rested, I am in about 1:24-1:25 shape. McMillan will tell you that my 2:59:10 in Austin last month is good for a sub-1:25 half.

I thought for sure I'd be able to hold onto a 1:25, but things fell apart for me late. That's OK. I feel good about my run and my fitness level. I hope I can get back to sub-3 shape for Boston on April 20th.

I rounded out yesterday's race with an afternoon recovery run. This got me to 70 miles to the week exactly as planned. Note: This is only my second 70-mile week ever.


jen said...

Yes!! Congratulations on the PR!! You did great. Sounds like the hill zapped your energy but you still finished in an impressive time. Awesome. :)

Love2Run said...

Nice race and on track for a great Boston. Thanks for pointing out the RunningAhead site which has lots of great features.

wayfool said...

Awesome PR! It looks like we both ran half marathons on the same day. Looking forward to see how this translates to marathon day!

Neeraj Rohilla said...

Hey Ryan,
I came across your blog by randomly searching for 3:10 marathon. I had to subscribe it in my reader and I am glad to come across it. :-)

I ran my first marathon in Jan, 09 in Houston with about 1.5 year of running experience. I set out to do 3:30 but ended up with 3:38. With little disappointment, I started doing some track work in February and the results amazed me.

I ran a half in 1:34:41 one month back and another 10k last week in 41:08. Although, I must say that the weather for both races was more than ideal (45-55 F). But, a race is a race.

Now, I am seriously considering qualifying for Boston in 1-2 years. I think I can't reach Boston until I accomplish these 2 goals.

1) 5k in 19:30
2) 10k in 40 or 40:30

Is it realistic to approach Boston this way? I think I can do sub 20 5k right now but we will see.


Darrell said...

A half marathon PR in the middle of that high mileage week is superb. Congrats.

Darrell said...
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