Monday, March 09, 2009

Focus: Repeating sub-3 at Boston

Training for Boston is in full swing. I am pleased to have put in my first 60-mile week since late January. I think I really handled the transition from Austin recovery back into training extremely well.

If I look at my online log since running in Austin on Feb 15th, I ran weeks of 15, 42 and 60 miles the past three weeks.

On Saturday, I put in what is now becoming one of my staple "simulated" 10k races on the treadmill. With the incline set at 1%, I nailed the 6.21 mile distance in 37:55, which is a predictor data point for sub 2:58.

Yesterday, our weather was horrible. I had planned to connect with Liz, one of the new runners that will be involved with the launch of the PRRC, for an 18-miler.

After several phone calls and waiting out the weather, we decided to forget it and resigned ourselves to our home treadmills. Good call. We received over 2.5 inches of rain and flash flood warnings.

I was pleased to be able to put in a solid 18-mile workout with not a single stop and several incline/decline intervals in 2:16:20.

This week, I'm going to try for another 70-mile week, which would be only my second ever if I could pull it off. You can always count on Pfitz's programs to keep you challenged. This week is no exception.

I will cap it all of with what I hope will be an earth-shattering PR at the March Madness Half Marathon. All signs point to a 1:24, so that is the goal. This would be a 5-minute PR, which was set at, guess where else, the March Madness Half Marathon 2008.

This week's schedule:

Tue - 11 miles w/6x1000m repeats - 90 sec jog
Wed - 15 miles
Thu -AM: 6 miles recovery + PM: 4 miles recovery
Fri - 12 miles
Sat - 4 recovery
Sun - 13.1M RACE + 4.9 recovery

Total: 70 miles


jen said...

Great week planned. Good luck at the HM!!

Darrell said...

I hope the March Madness PR attempt goes well, that would be awesome. Good luck to you!

gemini said...

Very well done on your sub 3! I recently ran a sub 4 and then bettered it a month later. I've shifted my goal to a sub 3:30, shave 17 min by november and break the 10 - 21km pb on the way there!