Saturday, September 24, 2005

22 miles since Tuesday - EXCELLENT week - New shoes

I've not yet found the discipline needed to write entries for every single run on the day that I complete them, so here's a recap of this week's activities. I picked up a new pair of Asics GT-2100's after the 10k race last Sunday. I christened them with Tuesday's run and retired my old pair.

Monday 9/19

I opted not to run on Monday after that hard-fought 10k on Sunday afternoon. It was good thing, too, because I was enrolled in the Company Golf Outing. I didn’t feel like limping around the course.

Tuesday 9/20

TIME: 44:57
EST PACE: 7:30

Tuesday morning was brilliant. I identified a new route (well, not really entirely new) that is almost exactly 6 miles. I’ve dubbed it “Mohawk’s Peak”. Here’s a summary:

I take the very familiar trek from Wolfpit to Rte 1 to Dry Hill. I take Dry Hill to Newtown to Grumman Ave and head up the grade for about 1 mile. Mohawk is just off Grumman Ave and is at the top of the long slow uphill climb of Grumman. Mohawk is basically all downhill and snakes around back to Chestnut Hill, which is nestled along a residential row of houses near the Merritt Parkway. I glide down to Chestnut Hill and then connect back on Cranbury Road, which takes me to Partrick Ave. Partrick connects with Wolfpit and I then take the remaining 1.2 miles back to my home. It’s just about six miles on the nose.

Wednesday 9/21

I had a hard time sleeping on Tues night and got up a bit late. I started my run at about 7:30 AM, knowing I would be late to work. That’s OK, I worked late on Tuesday night.

I did the familiar course of Wolfpit to Partrick to Newtown to Ellen and Grumman southbound down to Overbrook. It was a good 4-miler.

TIME: 30:00
EST PACE: 7:30

Thursday 9/22

TIME: 44:21
EST PACE: 7:24

Temperature was outstanding – about 59 degrees at 6:30AM. I again set out to tackle Mohawks’ Peak. What a great course. I love a good six-mile route. I shaved over 30 seconds off of Tuesday’s run. I was proud to get this in given the all day Global Procurement Event that I needed to attend. It capped off a very strong 3-day program.

Saturday 9/24

I took Friday off from running. I felt I deserved it. I slept in this morning til about 9 AM. I think I got damn near 10 hours of sleep. Jen went to work so I was on my own in the morning. I didn’t even hear her get up.

Fall is definitely here, which is a great thing from my perspective. It was still only 59 degrees at 9:20 AM, when I started my run.

In fact, I was so rested that I somehow knocked off yet another 40 seconds from Thursday’s time! So, I improved my time on Mohawk’s Peak by 1:17 just since Tuesday! Not to mention I had a pretty good 10K race last Sunday. That makes for four 6+ mile runs in the last 7 days – all at a 7:30 pace or better.

TIME: 43:40
EST PACE: 7:12

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