Sunday, September 18, 2005

Race day in Darien / Planning ahead

Darien 10k Road Race - 1PM
10k Race time: 44:34 -- Pace: 7:11 per mile

If you take a look at yesterday's post, you'll see that I beat my goal time in today's race. I set out for 45 min and came in 26 seconds ahead. However, you could call me a bit of a sandbagger since I did run this race last year in 43:00 flat.

One the one hand, adding 1:34 to my time from last year is a bit of a letdown. On the other hand, considering the 80+ degree temps and my light running this week, I'm OK with where I ended up.
(Taking a look back, last year's start temp was 63 degrees).

Today's race was not easy. I felt like I worked for it. First, the start was a bit chaotic. There was no warning of the whistle whatsoever. We're all standing around with no clear idea where the start line was - and when they would actually send us running. Next thing I know, everyone's running. Race organizers need to improve the starting process.

Miles 1-3 were really no problem. I had clocked 21:15 through three - which was faster than I had planned. Mile 4 was a slow one - about 7:28 - large steep hills - and the heat was catching up with me. I finished pretty strong - the sixth mile was 7:03.

All in all, it was a pretty good day. I know that I will have to work hard to be ready for the New Canaan Train Race that is 3 weeks away.

Mileage summary for week

  • Mon: 3.2 in killer heat - damn near 10 min miles
  • Tue: 4 - 30:30
  • Wed-Thu-Fri: Goose-egg
  • Sat: 4 - 30:50
  • Sun: 6.2 race - 43:34
Total: 17.4 miles

Planned run schedule for 9/19 week

  • Mon: 4
  • Tue: 5
  • Wed: Rest / X-train
  • Thu: 6
  • Fri: 4
  • Sat: R
  • Sun: 6
Planned mileage: 25

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