Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mid-week 11 update - Winter blahs and staying focused

I am struggling to keep up the blogging and commenting this week. It has been quite a hectic timeframe, so I will continue to do the best I can.

Seasonal Affecive Disorder , that condition that many people get during the dark, cold winter months - is something I am curious about. Is it a real condition?? OK, I don't think I have it -but I must admit I feel very "blah" lately. Running is tough due to the terrible weather and the darkness. Work has been challenging - just a lot of B.S., basically. I have felt more irritable and jaded lately. Trying to break out of that rut. The good news is that we're gaining daylight every day and getting close to spring - so I am happy about that.

Also, it's been a distraction that we put our house up for sale - so that's been an interesting personal event. One offer so far - but we turned it down and are waiting on a response for a counteroffer (???).

Monday, 1/16

I was fortunate enough to have MLK day off on Monday this week.

I did make up my 18-miler that I missed on Sunday. I ran for time - as my distance pod failed due to a dead battery after only 3 miles. The weather was still quite brisk on Monday.

I am only guessing on my pace, but I think it is reasonable based on past performance to estimate 7:45 or so. The snow and ice slowed me down, no doubt.

All and all, I am quite proud for knocking this out on Monday AM.

TIME: 2:20:15 - EST DIST: 18.0 - EST PACE: 7:47

Tuesday, 1/17

I went out at lunch to run in the slushy, icy, sloppy leftovers from the weekend storm. The conditions sucked. It was reasonably warm - but a total mess. My shoes and ankles were soaked. I got in approx 5.3 miles at approx 7:40 pace.

TIME: 40:40 - EST DIST: 5.3 - EST PACE: 7:40

Wed, 1/18

The terrible weather continued. The strange thing is that the temps rocketed up to 55 degrees! Sounds good, right? Yeah, well is totally pouring rain and the winds were again 30-50 MPH. What is up w/ Mother Nature?

I stayed inside for a short treadmill workout. I did some strength training and stretching on the machines in the gym.

TIME: 22:22 - EST DIST: 3.0 - EST PACE: 7:27



robtherunner said...

Bad weather seems to be the theme this year. Nice job on the 18 miler.

olga said...

I remember those training days in the NorthEast, the weather, the darkness...yikes! Great job on holding on!