Sunday, January 15, 2006

Week 10 - Cut short due to weather

ON a non-running note, my wife and I met in Pittsburgh before we moved to Connecticut, and we are rabid Steelers fans. What an amazing NFL Divisional Playoff game today. I need to pay homage to the Steelers. What a tremendous game!!

Thursday, 1/12/06 - 6:48 AM

It's now Sunday night and I don't remember much about this run on Thursday AM. Sometimes, it's like I am oblivious to my runs. I just get up and do them. This was the case on Thursday.

TIME: 44:41 - DIST: 6.0 - PACE: 7:26

Friday, 1/13/06 - 6:11 PM

I remember this run. It was dark, moist and unseasonably warm. I rocketed on this run to a 7:15 pace in the usual Norwalk neighborhoods. Great stuff. Uneventful - but quite dark on Toilsome. Note to self: Invest in reflective vest. What gives... these people live in $800 thousand homes in these neighborhoods, but the town can't afford to invest in a few street lights???


We woke up to brutal weather on Sunday morning. I was set on getting in my long run today, but it simply was not in the cards. It was around 17-18 degrees, but the winds were outrageously intense driving the wind chill below zero. This is not to mention the 8-10 inches of snow that had fallen on the ground ; in combination with the ice that resulted from last night's rain.

I was shut out today due to weather. When The Weather Channel tells me that it's 30-35MPH winds - with 50+MPH wind gusts in some places - it's time to adjust the schedule. The roads were a mess.

Plus, two other major factors: (1) We had an open house (for which two people came), and (2) The NFL Playoffs had the Steelers playing the Colts. I didn't leave the house.

Luckily for me, I have the day off tomorrow and plenty of time to make up the big 18-miler. So, my day is set for tomorrow.

It just was not meant to be for a long 18-miler today. I'm going to bed early and am going to make it up tomorrow. I am not going to write much more in here until I get this done.

BREAKING NEWS... we just got a CALL BACK for one of the two people that came to our open house!! They're coming back to take a second look tomororow. This may be converted to "Ryan's Chicago Burbs Run Blog" before too long. They're coming at noon - so I've got to get the mileage in before they arrive.

Summary of 1/9/06 week
Mon - 3
Tue - 7
Thu - 6 - Repeats on the track - Excellent speed workout!
Fri - 5
Total: 21 miles

Planned Mileage - 1/17/06 week - Aggressive make-up week
Mon: 18 LSD
Tue: 6 EZ
Wed: Rest
Thu: 6 REP
Fri: 4 EZ
Sat: Rest
Sun: 20


robtherunner said...

Sounds like a good day to watch football. Congratulations on your Steelers.

olga said...

Good luck with house. And running:)