Sunday, January 29, 2006

Week #12 Recap - 4 weeks 'til Tampa!

This is my first AND last post of week #12. For whatever reason, it's been a hectic week. It was a nice and much-needed mileage reduction week from the last 3. Total was 33 miles; exactly what was called for from the training plan. And I did it with reasonable ease. Heck, I had 3 days off this week, so how hard could it have been?

Monday, 1/23

I enjoyed a hard-earned rest day. After the long Sunday run, we watched the Steelers demolish the Broncos. What a game. On Monday, I felt my calves; that’s for sure. But I am feeling like I am pretty good shape at this point.

Tuesday, 1/24

2:46 PM – Norwalk, CT

TIME: 28:33 – DIST: 4.0 miles – PACE: 7:09 – AVG. HR: 163

Flew out of the office in the mid-PM. Smokin’ run at 7:09 pace – note the HR was up there to 163.

Wednesday, 1/25

12:22 PM – Norwalk, CT

Today, I was set for a tempo 9-miler. Nothing like a mid-workday 9’er to brighten up your Wednesday.

I took the path from the office up the giant hill to West Rocks along side the Merritt. This was a very good run for me. There is a quite a bit of elevation going from work towards my house and back.

Statistic of the day is that the avg. heart rate was a mere 158. This is reasonably low considering the pace and the elevation I covered.

TIME: 1:07:49 – DIST: 9.0 miles – PACE: 7:31 - AVG HR: 158

Thursday, 1/26

I enjoyed yet another wonderful day of rest. This week is calling for a mere 33 miles, according to my Runner’s World Intermediate Training Plan. This is down from the peak of 40 (of which I covered 55 last week due to an adjustment from the prior week).

Funny, I have been following this plan for my last 5 marathons. Let me tell you this – it is quite a step up in mileage to go to the Advanced. I’m going to let all you Ultra-dudes & Ultra-chicks keep running the 70-100 mile weeks. I still need to leave some time to work, have fun, drink beer and watch sports.

Noteworthy: I sent my Tampa Marathon entry today. It’s official -- the $70 is spent.

To remind myself, the target is sub 3:20 – but I may get aggressive and shoot for 3:17.

Friday, 1/27

5:52 AM CST – Bolingbrook, IL

T-minus 30 days to Tampa Marathon. I was up and at ‘em before 6 AM on this run. OK, it’s a bit easier beat 6AM for a start time when you travel from the Eastern time zone the day before.

My forthcoming, new hometown of Bolingbrook is pancake flat. I ran from the Hampton Inn down Remington Blvd to Veterans PKWY – there and back. 7.0 miles and out – and off to work.

We also had a hockey game at 10:30 PM on Friday night, which we won 9-1. Continuing to play hockey in the late stage of marathon training is a challenge.

TIME: 52:53 – DIST: 7.0 miles – PACE: 7:33 – AVG. HR: 154

Saturday, 1/28

Saturday was a rest day. The hockey game tested the legs. We showed the house once today. Jen's parents were in town. We watched Million Dollar Baby and Flightplan. Now that i am my 30's, I am at a loss with what I should be doing with myself on the weekends.

Sunday, 1/29

10:00 AM - Norwalk - Today was a short long day. It was supposed to be a race pace 13-miler.

I cranked it out as quickly as I could. My legs were a bit fatigued from the late hockey game on Friday. Plus, I just felt a little tired.

Overall, the mileage went just fine. Noticeably, the heart rate was higher as a result of the race pace.

TIME: 1:36:12 – DIST: 13.0 miles – PACE: 7:24 - AVG HR: 166


  • Mon: Rest
  • Tue: 4 - tempo
  • Wed: 9 - tempo
  • Thu: Rest
  • Fri: 7 - tempo
  • Sat: Rest
  • Sun: 13 - race pace
TOTAL: 33 miles

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