Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Middle of Week 10 update

It's "hump-day" and time for a quick mid-week update...

Monday, 1/9 - 3-mile EZ - 6:30 AM

After a strong 16-miler on Sunday, knocking out a quick 3 in the morning was a breeze. I sense that it may be easy to become a "distance snob" when training for marathon or longer distances. Some may say... "Three whole miles? Why bother... seems a waste to even suit up." I don't feel that way just yet. I find a 3-miler fun. Plus, it was good that I only had 3 on the schedule, since our hockey team had a late 10:00 PM game and I needed some fresh legs. We won our game 12-4 - and I managed to save enough fuel in the tank for the next day's tempo run.

TIME: 21:56 - DIST: 3.0 - PACE: 7:20

Tuesday, 1/10 - 7-mile tempo - 4PM

I'm fortunate enough to work for a large corporation with faily flexible culture. As long as I get my work done and deliver results, I don't need to be in the office all the time --- AS long as I plan my schedule carefully. I had a dental check-up at 2:45 PM, which afforded me the chance to ditch out of work early. That appt. was over by 3:30, so then I snuck home to get in my 7. The weather was moderately cool. I had a nice sunset run through Cranbury. Some good elevation up Grumman and so shooting back down on the last 3 miles made for some quick mileage.

TIME 51:04 - DIST 7.0 - PACE 7:17

Wednesday, 1/11 - A day of "rest" (and work catchup)

I could have gone today physically. I had a "3 EZ/XT" on the calendar today. However, I've been trying to get my groove at work. With today's schedule and the pouring rain, I decided to opt for some rest.

PLAN FOR THURSDAY - SPEED WORKOUT: Early run - 6:30 AM - 800m repeats - 3:20 target for each 800m - followed by a 400m lap at around 2:10 -- continue until 6 miles (24 laps) total are completed.

I've got an important 18-miler this weekend. I'm psyching myself up yet again.


Susan said...

Great job on the week - glad three is now a breeze!

Liv said...

Sounds like a great week so far! And there is no such thing as "only" three miles (hey... that's a whole 4.8 km!!!)