Sunday, January 22, 2006

Strong comeback week #11 - 56 miles

So this week is complete - and it is exactly 5 weeks until the Tampa Marathon. Training seems to be going well, even with all of the personal distractions. Like today, I completed an (almost) 20-miler, jumped into the shower - only to hear the doorbell ringing from strangers trying to see our house that is for sale. It's been quite a busy week, but I am hanging on and staying focused.

Thu 1/19/06

I got up early to run on this day to run before work. Other than that, I don’t remember anything. I know I did it, though. That’s the beauty of the Polar watch to record the workouts.

DIST: 6.0 – TIME: 44:39 – PACE: 7:24

Fri 1/20/06 – I held out to run until 5:00 PM. I left work a little early to get this done. I flew on this run. Very rapid in very unseasonably warm conditions.DIST – 4.14 – TIME: 29:31 – PACE: 7:06

Sun, 1/22/06 - Now the big one...

Today, I set out for my longest distance run since the Houston Marathon one year ago. My plan was to complete 20 miles at a pace of about 7:45 per mile.

What a glorious day to run. Yesterday, the high reached the high 50’s. Today was much cooler, but crisp and clear. When I started my run, it was about 30 degrees with clear sky and sun.

I’ve been having a number of minor challenges with my distance/heart rate monitor as late. Either I can’t get my HRM to read my pulse, or my distance pod battery dies – or I can’t find the HRM monitor – on and on….

Anyway, today, my distance pod battery died after about 7 or 8 miles. I didn’t feel like turning back so I just trudged on. I showed that I was running faster than 7:45 per mile. So I decided that I would estimate the time that I needed to run assuming a 7:45 pace. I figured that I was running pretty consistently and it was safe to project the 7:45 – even somewhat conservative.

I calculated in my head that I needed to run for 1:52:15 to achieve 15 miles at 7:45 pace. Then I would grab a new battery for my pod for the last 5. That’s what I did. However, after reviewing my run, I recognize that it’s not a good idea to try long division while gutting out a 20-miler.

So, if I look back, my math was wrong. I was off by 4 minutes – or just about a half mile. I should have run about 1:56:15 for a 7:45 pace 15-miler. Oh well...

My final 5 miles were quite strong - about a 7:36 pace.

In summary, I estimate my total run today was approx. 19.5 miles – as opposed to my 20-miler that I had planned. No worries, however, I am pretty certain I could have been able to cover that half last mile.

EST DIST: 19.5 -- TIME: 2:30:00 – EST PACE: 7:42

The weekly summary…

Mon – 18 miles
Tue – 5.3 miles – sloppy run at lunch
Wed – 3.0 miles – horrible windy, rainy weather – treadmill at lunch
Thu – 6.0 miles in the AM
Fri – 4.2 miles – FAST at 5:00 PM
Sat – REST
Sun – 19.5 miles

I think that this week was a PR for total mileage in a single week. Granted, I pushed last week’s long run into Monday due to weather. But nonetheless, it was a good week.


olga said...

Looks like great week! Way to go, Ryan!

Zeke said...

Ryan, it seems like all your runs are very close to your goal marathon pace or faster. Is that by design?

robtherunner said...

Good job on the mileage this week.

runninturnip said...

I wouldn't worry about that last half a mile! Great job and I here you on the winter blah's, seems like everyone I know (me especially) is going through them right now...I am looking foward to next month! Keep going, you are doing great.