Sunday, March 26, 2006

Feeling motivated - prepping for a productive week

I am rested and ready to return to my old running self. I am caught up with work for the most part and have tackled the stress of the moving situation. No, we've not sold the house yet, but I am feeling good about it since we've got a couple of bites at the minute. Here's how I got back into the fitness groove this weekend after taking some slack time.

Saturday, 3/25/06

I made a seemlingly rare visit to the gym. Our company has a gym on the first level, and it is really nice perk. It's totally empty on Saturdays. It's not Powerhouse with endless free weights and meatheads abound by any stretch - but it has what I need.

I did 5 minutes of stretching and 10 minutes on the bike to start up. I then hopped onto the 'mill for a short tempo 2-miler. It felt good and easy. I then moved onto the weight machines for some legs, chest, arms and rounded out with some crunches.

It was a good feeling, trying to climb out of my fitness rut. I am back in business.

Sunday, 3/26/06

We had two house showings today and we're highly optimistic. After all, we dropped our price again on Friday and we're at the point where we're saying "it's gotta sell for this!". With the 2nd showing, my disappearance was to go out for a afternoon run. I had the most speed in my run in probably 6-7 weeks. I am wondering if my Polar device was not calibrated, but I crushed 4 miles in sub-29 minutes. Did the last 2 in 14 minutes.

It so inspired that I decided I am going to plan my mileage one week at a time. I have been looking for 10k to work towards, but with the move, we're not sure where we'll be. So, I am taking it ONE week at a time for now. Here is the plan for the upcoming week...


Goal for the week: Target 20-22 total miles and a Wednesday hockey game

Mon: 3
Tue: 5
Wed: Rest from running - 9PM hockey game
Thu: 4
Fri: 5
Sat: Rest
Sun: 5

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