Friday, March 17, 2006

Unplanned personal hiatus

It has been a major slowdown for me in the department of running in my life during the last 2 weeks. This was not something I planned on. However, other aspects of my life have demanded attention.

The week of 3/6/06 (last week)
Last week, I ran 3 times -- all for about 5 miles apiece. I did runs on Tuesday and Wednesday. I think I became a little frustrated last week when I noticed my pace was slower than usual. I think I was still not fully recovered from the marathon. On Wed, I decided to leave my watch behind and do a 5.2 mile route from work that I have run several times before.

We went to Chicago for the weekend to househunt and I did a 5 miler on Sunday in Bolingbrook, IL.

This week
The truth is that I have not run at all since Sunday of last week. We had a 3-day meeting here in Norwalk for Category Strategy reviews. The all-day meetings basically push all the work that needs to be done to other hours and puts a strain on the free-time.

I am taking a little break from running to get my life in order. I will get out this weekend for hopefully two runs.

The fact is that the stress and pressure of trying to sell the house and keep up with work right now is taking its toll. We are trying to make this big personal move to the Chicago area and we've not had the luck we were hoping for to sell our house. Meanwhile, we've been all consumed with finding a house (which we don't want to buy until we sell).

All of the jostling with realtors (on both the buy and sell side) - and hoping, wishing, waiting, cleaning, working, etc. - has made running a lower priority since the marathon 2 1/2 weeks ago.

I am in the down end of the cycle for me in running. But I will be back shortly.

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jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

I can't say I blame you for taking a little break. Good luck with selling the house.