Thursday, March 30, 2006

Officially midwest-bound

Well, we past two major milestones over the last 2 days. We essentially sold our house and bought another in Illinois. This blog will be relocating to Plainfield, IL -- approximately 35 miles SW of Chicago. We'll be true Chicago suburbanites - DINKS (dual income-no kids) -- until next year when we can hopefully have a little nipper. Here's my run activity week-to-date:

Mon 3/27/06 - Got out for a beautiful afternoon run at 3:40 PM from the office. Had a fairly rapid pace of 7:18 per mile over the 4 miles. Great speed. Feeling good. Back in the groove.

Tue 3/28/06 - Started my run at 6:08 PM. We were in the middle of a negotiation to sell our house and I needed to blow off some steam. 5 miles - 37:07 - 7:25 pace/

Wed 3/29/06 - No running on this day. I had planned to rest for our hockey game. We lost 3-2. I played defense and had an awful game. No goals.

Thu 3/30/06 -- Today, I again did not run. I simply was unable to get in some mileage. The late hockey game plus Jen getting back from Chicago kept us up late. We stayed up until 1AM talking about what house we would buy. Then, today we had the drama of offering to buy the house and counter-offering. Not to mention calling lenders. Oh yeah, I was also at work trying to get some things done. I need to focus over the next 3 days to hit my 20-22 mileage goal.

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robtherunner said...

Good luck with all the moving details and trying to maintain a running schedule as well. We will forgive you if you don't hold up with the running for awhile. I envision a strong training program for Chicago though.