Friday, March 24, 2006

Ryan is not dead

I am entering the final phase of my unplanned "running hibernation" - hopefully, anyway. I took an easy 5-miler last Sunday. Other than that, I've been idle.

Truth is I am overwhelmed with life, the move, work and I needed some time off after the marathon.

I am not ashamed of my break. It is one of the joys of running for me. That I can knock out a marathon - take a break - and then get back in my routine.

Hopefully, we will sell our house soon and a big piece of the stress will be gone. I find I am spending a lot of my time either traveling to/from Chicago, catching up with work, cleaning the house (vacuum, make bed, organize desk) , looking at houses on line, talking with my wife about houses that we want to buy, talking with the realtor on how we can sell our damn house, hearing her ask what we should buy, thinking about all of the above, losing sleep over all of the above, etc.

I will bust of my hiatus soon. Spring has arrived a bit late this year. I am planning the re-emergence of my running life.


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

It's almost summer. The housing market always picks up then. Good luck. I hope your stress is lightened a little.

robtherunner said...

Nothing wrong with taking a break. Good luck with selling the house and getting moved.