Sunday, April 23, 2006

20 miles of out 25 planned - Moving on from CT...

OK, so I fell short of my 25 mile target for the week. However, I set that target totally forgetting that I had a hockey game tonight (my last one before we move - and I likely won't be playing for a while). Had I not had the game, I would have gone and completed a 5-miler this evening. Plus, the weather didn't cooperate at all this weekend. And we're moving in 3 days, for crying out loud and there is work to do. (OK, enough excuses).

To recap, Monday was a rest day.

On Tuesday, I did 10 miles total - in two different runs. First time that had happened in a great while.

I took Wednesday off altogether after the double run on Tuesday. I needed it.

Thursday - It was the hottest day of 2006 in Connecticut. Temperatures exceeded 80 degrees and I felt it. I did a leisurely 4-miler at 7:50 pace. I was feeling the torrid heat so I took my time and walk a few steps as necessary.

Friday - We had "farewell" dinner plans with some friends/co-workers and I was keen on getting in a strong six-miler before our big night out. I rocked on this run. Temps were 20 degrees cooler than Thursday. Knocked out 6 miles in 43:20 (7:13/mile pace).

Saturday was a work day to prepare for our big move this week. We were out until around 1:15 AM the night before and didn't get out of bed until damn near 10. We packed and moved for the majority of the day and it rained much of the day as well. I didn't run.

Sunday was a day of missed pportunity. I have my last hockey game before my move and I didn't want to run right before it. I was hoping to run in the morning but it rained intensely, non-stop for most of today. We had 5 inches of rain. It didn't stop raining until after 5 PM.


This is it. We are moving from Connecticut this week. I can't believe it. Another chapter is closing. It's starting to sink in. We're making this move to improve our quality of life and gain a new experience. I am confident that we will do just that.

PLANNED MILEAGE FOR THE WEEK: Going to set the target at 20 miles. It could be a stretch with all of the driving to Chicago beginning on Thursday and the final move details, but I will try. Mon: 5, Tue: 4, Wed: 4, Thu: Rest, Fri: 4, Sat: Rest, Sun NITE in Bolingbrook: 3

I have been researching and developing a plan for the Chicago Marathon over the past couple of days. I'm excited but nervous. Will I be able to stay committed? Here is my concern: I want to have FUN this summer...

I'm a live music fanatic and I have been deprived living here in Fairfield County, CT (NYC might as well be 1,000 miles away - it's a killer to get there). I've purchased tickets to five concerts so far in the Chicago area for late Spring and Summer - all on weekends. Additionally, I just got a call from an old college buddy who wants to meet up for a Cubs game on the weekend in June and go to a MSU Football game in October (the week before the marathon). All of this is during important training time.

I went to a Big 10 school (Michigan State). Many of my old mates live in the Chicago/Detroit region. When I get together with old college friends, we drink and have a good time. It could make training a challenge if I partake in these events. But I've not lived in the Midwest in 9 years and it seems like a great opportunity to rekindle some old friendships. I need to dig deep and make some decisions on how I will maintain my training and enjoy my summer.

This summer will be a busy one. I cannot wait.


robtherunner said...

Good luck on the move and on figuring out the training details. It sounds like a great opportunity to have fun and I think you can fit in some quality training as well. Maybe more mileage during the week. It may take some creative scheduling, but I say do it all and have fun if that is what you want to do.

Theoutofshapeguy said...

Good luck on the move. Chicago (plainfield) is a great place to live. Good luck on the training.


Running Rabbit said...

hmmm...doing all that drinking and partying during training and you could be running the marathon with me!? I poke along! But I do it at least!

But at least have fun doing it!