Monday, April 17, 2006

Work can't get me down / Get me to Boston next year

I had a rough day at work. I have a work problem that I am trying to solve. I'm a little concerned about it, but I'm sure I will weather the storm. Sure, my boss is on my case. But, what makes me feel good is that I know I will be getting up tomorrow early to knock out a run. That run will prepare me for battle tomorrow.

Most of us know that today was the running of the 110th Boston Marathon. I've decided that I will take the next 12 months to work toward running in the 111th next April.

I am moving to the Chicago area at the end of next week. My qualifying race will be the Chicago Marathon on 10/22/06.

I have run six marathons in my life. My PR is a 3:23:55 in Houston - Jan 2005. I ran Tampa at the end of February and failed to keep my PR streak alive. I collided with the wall and finished in 3:31.

I will be joining the Chicago Area Runner's Association ( for support toward my next marathon goal. I will give it my all to get that 3:10 in Chicago. I think I can come close at least.

I am reading Dean Karnazes book right now, and I have enjoyed every one of the first 25-30 pages. Great stuff.

Wish me luck on my easy 7-miler for tomorrow morning.


robtherunner said...

Great book you are reading and inspiring stuff that goes beyond the bounds of the way most people think. Train hard for that sub 3:10:59 and we can meet up in Boston next year. I hope to get another qualifying time this year, but I have one from October of last year that will guarantee me for 2007.

Running Jayhawk said...

Let me know how you like the book! I've been interested in picking it up.

You're going to be awesome in Chicago. Everyone that I know who has ran Boston, qualified here. And CARA is a great program. If I wasn't a mentor for TNT, I would've been with CARA (next year, most definitely).