Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Daily double

The weather was outstanding today and I am feeling quite inspired this week. I did not do the single seven-miler that I had planned. I actually headed out twice today and completed 10 miles.

6:50 AM - 47:04 - 6.2 miles - 7:34/mile - Avg HR: 161 - 746 cals
5:58 PM - 27:23 - 3.8 miles - 7:12/mile - Avg HR: 166 - 457 cals
Total: 10 miles

I must say that I was a bit fatigued after the second run. I was pushing this evening.

All and all, it was a solid day. I am pretty sure that I will sleep well tonight. Sweet dreams.

1 comment:

runninturnip said...

Hope work gets better. Sounds like a nice double though, running is a great help to reduce stress...