Sunday, April 09, 2006

Strong weekend comeback after a busy week

I did not hit my agressive target of 24 miles for this week. The Chicago trip, which included the home inspection, work and two flights threw me off schedule. I came up just short. However, I had a great weekend of running 17 miles to finish the week strong.

Less than 3 weeks til we move to Chicago..!

Mon 4/3 - Planned Rest

Tue 4/4 - 7:05 AM - Neighborhood five miler - 37:55 - 7:34/mile - avg HR: 159 - Long day, went to Jennifer P's for a get-together in the evening

Wed-Thu - Went to Chicago very early on Wednesday AM. Went straight to the new house in Plainfield for inspection. Was overwhelmed with painters, carpet guys, inspector, etc. I was exhausted on Wed after work. Had a terrible night's sleep on Wed and could not get up on time on Thursday. I had a 2.5 hour bout of insomina. Was anxious and nervous about our move. Disappointing that I could not get some mileage in.

Fri 4/7 - 6:37 PM - Had a long day of work couped up in a quiet room. Got in a solid 5-miler in the beautifully cool spring evening. 5 miles - 36:55 - 7:23/mile - no HR

Sat 4/8 - 5:58 PM - Cleaned out the entire attic and started to pack for our big move. Cruise through my 4th 5-miler of the week. 36:29 - 7:17/mile - avg HR: 164

Sun 4/9 - 3:55 PM - Wanted to finish the week strong with the longest of the week. Our buyers were coming over to measure the house, so it was a great escape to run on a beautifully sunny Sunday afternoon. I started to feel a little tired toward the end. 7 miles - 53:10 - 7:35/mile - avg HR: 158

TOTAL FOR THE WEEK: 22 miles - total avg pace: 7:29

Plan for this week:

Mon: 3
Tue: Rest - Travel all day to Chicago there and back
Wed: 5
Thu: 4
Fri: 4 in AM - Play hockey game
Sat: R - Go to Rhode Island

Sun: 7 - Easter run


runninturnip said...

Where are you going in RI? I went to college there!
I traveled the other week to Atlanta and it is frustrating how much one trip can throw off your training. I am still getting back to normalcy...

Running Jayhawk said...

Hey there! Are you excited for the move to the Windy City? I'm not too familiar with the plainfield area, but if you ever have questions about downtown, let me know! Maybe I can help you out :)