Sunday, April 02, 2006

Joy! More daylight means more mileage

We've gained an hour of daylight and I'm feeling the spring rejuvenation that I often feel at this point of the year. This is my favorite time of year for running. I've recovered from my Winter marathon and I'm feeling strong again. I'm going to focus on some solid short-distance running (i.e. 3 to 7 miles) as I prepare for a 10k race before our vacation. We leave for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on May 28. Not that we've got anything else going on, besides moving all of our wordly possessions about 900 miles from our current residence in the next 4 weeks.

Fri March 31

6:48 PM - I set out just after dusk to blow off some steam and get my run on. Thanks to our buyer's building inspector, we had just learned that we needed an electrician to figure out where a reset switch was for our GFI outlet in the kitchen. Don't worry, didn't make sense to me either. The run was decent. Up to Grumman via Overbrook and back. DIST: 4.06M - TIME: 30:18 - PACE: 7:27 - NO HRM TODAY

Sat April 1

9:32 AM - Nothing special about this run. I had to get it in before I headed off to Holmdel, NJ for my niece's 2nd birthday party. It was swift and painless. Again, I breezed with the wind. I am ready to kick it into race training mode.

TIME: 29:44 - DIST: 4.00M - PACE: 7:25 - AVG HR: 164

Sun April 2

9:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time -- We lost an hour to gain daylight. I wanted to keep this one short to save up some juice for our hockey game later today. What a glorious day today is. Sunshine abound. Spring is here and I feel great. The run was spectacular. Hockey game scheduled this early eve for 5:10 PM.
TIME: 21:54 - DIST: 3.00M - PACE: 7:18 - AVG HR: 159

Twenty solid miles and two hockey games makes for a successful week. I accomplished my goal for this specific week. Hey, it was only 20, but I loved every mile. They all felt great.


  • Need to travel to Chicago this week for our new home purchase inspection.
  • I am going to sign up for my first two races in the Chicago area as follows: Sat, May 13 - Joliet 8k -- Sat, May 27 - Western Springs 10k.
  • Here's what I will try for this week: Mon: 3, Tue: 5, Wed: Rest (travel in AM), Thu: 4, Fri: 2 + strength train, Sat: 4, Sun: 6. Total: 24


runninturnip said...

I am also looking foward to more mileage with the increased daylight!
Now when I miss my morning runs I can make it up in the PM after work. yay!

Susan said...

Rejuvination? OMG - I'm delirious from exhaustion.