Saturday, August 12, 2006

Preparing for the Distance Classic - Race goal statement

I reluctantly got out Friday morning for my recovery run. I say "reluctantly" because a piece of me said "rest so you can rock the CDC on Sunday. You need your legs to be fresh!". However, I decided that I needed to focus on the longer term goal of the Chicago Marathon and getting in the recovery miles would be good for me.

Fri 8/11 - Recovery 6.5 miles around Plainfield - 58:00
Today - Resting peacefully
Mileage WTD: 35

Devising a half marathon strategy

I decided to do some research to give me some ideas on how to race the half tomorrow.
I found this article posted on the NY Road Runners site. I found it provided some good advice. Then this one by some dude named Waldo, who seemed to know what he was talking about. Both caution against the fast start, which I will do my best to avoid.

I can't tell if I am ready to run as fast as I want. Do I have the fitness level needed? What about my eating habits, which have been "OK" at best? Yesterday, my legs felt a little sore. Today a bit better. Perhaps it's nerves. I just want this race to go well so I know I am making progress toward my goal of the BQ.

I have no fear of failure - because failure is not possible in this situation for me. All the work I have been putting into this 7th marathon endeavor has been a huge personal success for me. Never thought I'd be knocking out 50 mile weeks with reasonable ease.

Running is about fun, health, competitive spirit within oneself, pride and accomplishment. It gives me confidence and a capability to endure and persevere, whatever my circumstances may be. Now that I've reminded myself of that, it's time to specify my goal for tomorrow's race.

What would be the perfect race for me tomorrow, you may ask?

1 - 7:00
2 - 6:58
3 - 6:58
4 - 6:57
5 - 6:57
6 - 6:57
7 - 6:57
8 - 6:57
9 - 6:57
10 - 6:57
11 - 6:55
12 - 6:55
13 - 6:55
13.1 - 0:39


That's right, 1:30:59. That is my goal time. One second better than 1:31

I'm putting the goal in writing and I will give it my best shot. It's out there. It's a stretch goal but I know I can do it.

The weather is going to just about perfect. Forecast says 64 degrees at around 6-7AM. Lights out is 8:30 PM. Wake up is 4:30 AM. Small mini-meal and then out the door around 5:00 AM.

Best wishes to all fellow racers tomorrow!


LeahC said...

Good Luck!!! I like the slowest mile first strategy, that worked brilliantly for jason and i at the indy mini.

Taryn said...

Good luck tomorrow! You seem to have the mental part down - now just get out there and RUN it!

Arcaner said...

Good luck! Race fast and most importantly have fun!

Steve said...

In all serious, it is always a pleasure reading your posts. I feel you always (ok almost always) hit the nail on the head. If you run for the right will run for a lifetime and reach your goals. Your strategy sounds right on. Now do it. However, I see a 6:50 mile 13 though.

Best of luck my friend. I am rooting for you!

Theoutofshapeguy said...

Good luck tomorrow!