Sunday, August 27, 2006

Week 10 complete - Ready to climb to the mileage peak in Week 11

I must say that it was a successful week under the circumstances. I knew that my mileage would be slightly lower this week. However, I set a target of 40 miles and I hit it. I achieved it despite a highly hectic and time-crunched week and lots of foreign territory.

Pfitzinger called for 43 miles this week - and I was able to do 40 despite having 7 plane rides in 6 days and visiting 3 countries for work.

Yesterday's 19-miler back here in Chicago was a gritty performance by all of us that were out there. The humidity was brutal and we could all feel it. We ran 9.5 miles eastbound on the Prairie Path from Wheaton to just past Elmhurst and back. My last 5 miles ranged from 7:30-7:50.

I'm back on the home turf this week just in time to attempt my highest ever weekly mileage target. Time to suck it up. We're about to climb to the peak of the training mountain. The plan is for 55 miles this week.

The beauty is that none of these runs faze me anymore. After all, I've already done runs of 17, 18, 19 and 20 so far. And I've had three 50+ weeks to this point. What's another 5 miles, right? Just an additional recovery run. Big change upcoming will be an strong focus on speed work.

I continue to keep my goal in distant view. 3:10 in Chicago and an April trip to Boston. I received an e-mail blast from our CARA group leader asking for our input on what hotel we wanted book in Boston in April. Seems a bit presumptious, right? I suppose, but perhaps locking down the room will keep me even that much more focused.

A mere 56 days until the marathon, friends. It will be here before we know it. Below is this week's recap and the plan for week #11. Run strong and keep chasing your goal for Chicago.

Recap of Week #10

Mon 8/21 - Landed in Heathrow at 8:00 AM London time - no running
Tue 8/22 - 10-miler - near Stansted airport in Great Britain
Wed 8/23 - No running - Geneva, Switzerland
Thu 8/24 - No running - Holzminden, Germany
Fri 8/25 - 7-miler - 8AM - around Heathrow Airport in London
Sat 8/26 - 19-miler - Eastbound on the Prairie Path with CARA group - strong run despite high humidity levels (2:32)
Sun 8/27 - 4 miles - recovery on treadmill at gym
Total: 40 miles for the week - GOAL REACHED

Plan for Week #11

Mon 8/28 - 6 miles - with 6x100m strides - celebrate birthday
Tue 8/29 - 12 miles - 7 at LT pace
Wed 8/30 - Rest
Thu 8/31 - 12 mile med-long run
Fri 9/1 - 5 miles recovery
Sat 9/2 - 20 miles long
Sun 9/3 - Rest

Target: 55 miles total for the week


Bob said...

Happy birthday and here's to the peak week, it's all downhill from here.

yumke said...

Happy birthday, and cheers to you for keeping up the mileage despite all the travelling.

Two 12 milers during the work week! good luck..

Zeke said...

Happy Birthday. Nice week - especially with all the travel.

I say screw getting a hotel room in Boston until you qualify. Bad karma if you do it beforehand.

jellypepper said...

Wow, that's commitment. All that travel and you still hit your goal. Way to go.

Taryn said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! As for your running while traveling - you rock! Now you can say... this one time, when I was running, around Stansted airport, in Great Britain... so cool ;) !

robtherunner said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! Great job staying focused despite the travel. Enjoy your training this week.

sandii said...

happy b'day! well done on staying focussed! i say book the room, it's a great motivating factor!

i seriously can't believe how much training you're doing, it's really mind boggling but well done. know that someone very far away is thinking of your efforts and applauding them!

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome run this week!

I hear Boston calling!

Running Jayhawk said...

55 miles? you're golden.

you're a maaaaaaaaaaaaniac...maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainic on the trail! (think Flash Dance!)

Happy Birthday, Ryan!!

Theoutofshapeguy said...

Happy birthday