Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Week 7 update - 25 miles down & 25 to go for the week

Monday, July 31 - 10 miles with 5 miles at tempo pace

6:20 AM CDT -- Track. Running on a track - round and around. In 80+ degree temperatures with 90+% humidity. I ran up to Plainfield North HS (brand spankin' new, never been taught in), which is 2.5 miles from my house. I knocked out twenty, yes 20, 400m laps at tempo pace. Lap averaged ranged from 1:42-1:45. All told, the tempo miles were 6:54-6:59. The non-tempo miles were far slower - especially the last 2.5, which had some walking inter-mixed.

It's worth noting that I have never sweated this much in my life. Sweat, gallons and gallons of sweat. I am typically a low-volume perspirator. Not so any longer.

My return trip of 2.5 miles back home was tough. I felt dehydrated. Sure, I had a water bottle at the track, but I don't think I drank enough. My 24 oz water bottle was empty by the time I completed my 10 miles total.

I went to work satisfied and re-hydrated. Later in the day, I boarded a plane for Atlanta.

Total time: 1:16:50 - est 7:41 pace for all 10 - Avg HR: 156

Tuesday, Aug 1 - Alpharetta, GA - 4 miles recovery

6:40 EDT - Marriotts are so cozy, right? Also over-priced. News to the midwesterners and east coasters: It's also hot as usual in Hot-lanta and other parts of the south.

I decided I would "try" to do my easy recovery 4 in the fitness. The first 2 miles at 8:50 pace on the 'mill in the tight confines of the mini-gym seemed like an eternity, so I jumped off the 'tread and headed outdoors. I guesstimated a one-way mile at 8:55 and headed back to the hotel. Total workout was about 35:20.

Wednesday, Aug 2 - Plainfield, IL - 11 miles Med-Long run

6:00 AM CDT - Out the door at 6:02 AM with much determination to crush 11 miles. I knew right from the get-go this would be a "cover the distance" type run. I did a MapMyRun to plan out the path to hit 11 miles - a minor add-on and deviation from the prior 10 mile trek.

In short, I struggled with the heat and felt fatigued. But, I covered the distance. With no GPS or Pod, I am estimating my distance and using MapMyRun. MapMyRun verified my thinking that I did 11 miles on the nose in damn near 1:28 flat. This is 8 min miles.

Total time: 1:28:09 - Est pace: 8:00 - Avg HR: 155 (pretty impressive, considering!)

Worth noting: Number of stops or walks: Zero. Here's is
this morning's route.

Up next....

Thurs: REST Baby! Cross-training??? Doubtful.
Friday: 7 miles with strides
Saturday: 18 miles
Sunday: REST

I slugged a 20 oz Gatorade in 2.2 when getting back into the A/C of my house.


LeahC said...

nice way to get through it ryan. i had to bail on the LT run Tuesday....just no way to get it done. I am way looking forward to tomorrows 11 miles because it i think a cooler front is headed our way.

Firefly's Running said...

Way to go! Sounds like you needed more sports drink before you ran.

Good luck this week!

robtherunner said...

Nice job knockin those workouts out. You're a man on a mission.