Thursday, August 10, 2006

Week 8 Update - 28.5 miles WTD - Here I come, CDC!

Reflecting on the plan I posted on this past Sunday, I was targeting 52-54 miles for the week. As I got into it this week, I realized that a reasonable target would be the lower end of that range - actually even slightly less. I've decided the mileage goal is 51 this week. Because of the 1/2 marathon, even this I am concerned about. I am going for 51.

I need to race this weekend and there's no taper here this week. I'm damn near peak mileage for the season (55 will be as high as I go, folks), so I am a little concerned about how much juice I'll have on Sunday AM. I know it's not the Marathon, but I do want to test my speed and fitness.

Mon 8/7 - 6:25 AM - 6 miles Recovery pace - Super easy - nothing sexy about this run -

Tue 8/8 -- 5:35 AM - Super proud of this run. Knocked out TWELVE straight - with no stopping. Yep, that's right. No breaks - not even to hydrate. I ran with my pack, drank on the run and kept my feet movin' . You can check out my 12-miler course at MapMyRun. I rocked it in 1:34:49, which is about 7:52 per.

Wed 8/9 - Rest, rest, rest - no cross training - skipping it won't hurt me, right?

Thu 8/10 - I planned 12 today, same exact route as Monday. The weather looked dicey this AM in Plainfield, IL. Though there was no rain, the lightening was in plain view in the distant clouds. I said to myself, "ah, let's try it anyway... may be it will dodge my route". I started right on schedule at 5:30 AM flat. A half mile in, I was startled by a big super-bolt and some thunder. I hesitated but kept on going. About 2 min later as the sky darkened, I said to myself "it may be time to turn back up here". I hit 1 mile and did a 180 back towards the house. About 3 minutes later, I got hammered on by the rain. It was pouring. I darted back to the house to complete 2 miles and find refuge from the rain.

BUT... patience is key! I took shelter for about 15 minutes and the showers passed. The sky cleared up very quickly and I headed back out. I knocked out another 8.5 miles before I had to come in to get ready for work. I simply ran out of time. I couldn't be late today due to a meeting at a local hotel. Total for the run: Estimated 10.5 miles in 1:26:10 - avg HR 144

Remainder of the week plan...

Fri - 6.5 miles RECOVERY - slow and easy, daddy...
Sat - Rest and mentally prepare - going try to hold 6:55's for 13.1 on Sunday
Sun - Warm up with 0.9 miles - RACE HARD - Add on 2 miles recovery - total 16

This will get me to 51 for the week.

Heading downtown tomorrow evening to pick up that CDC race pack and number. It will be interesting to see how the body responds on Sunday morning for that 6:30 AM shotgun start.


Bob said...

Good Job Ryan, and that is a great goal. Good luck with the race. I know how you feel. I am feeling pretty beat down myself. Just recovering enough to be ready for the next run, but I guess that is what it's about.

Looking forward to the race report.

yumke said...

6:55s, which means you're trying for a sub 1:30! That's fantastic! My last three halfs were in the 1:34 to 1:36 range and I'm dying to get it down to the low 1:30s.. I'm hoping the marathon training will get me to that point in September.

Good luck and I look forward to the race report!

Running Rabbit said...

Oh you'll be fine, honey bunny!!

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome running, Ryan! Way to go! Good luck on Sunday!

Zeke said...

Ryan, every year I run a February half marathon off of just base training. Every year I have the same thoughts leading up the race. Every year I run very well and the race fires me up and keeps me motivated.

One thing you'll probably discover; your legs will be very strong, but you just won't be able to turn them over any faster. There's nothing wrong with that, just want you to know it's normal.

Steve said...

Do you see it yet?
-1:31 Sunday
-sub 3:10 October 22nd
-Boston April 16th