Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Week 9 update - Euro-tour in week 10 ahead

First, thanks to all of you who posted the wonderful comments to my race report. I really feel rejuvenated and more committed than ever before to making my Boston goal a reality. I hope I can provide you the same motivation that I feel when I have reader support. I will do my best to track your progress and keep you focused with comments as well.

Brief update on race recovery

Mon 8/14 - Eased into a 10k recovery run. Didn't have much problem, but could definitely feel the soreness. I was proud of myself to even get out there. Easy 55:00 - ran 8:50's, which is my standard recovery pace.

Tue 8/15 - Originally planned to do 14. But on Monday night, I still felt soreness and didn't want to push it. I was leery and decided 14 too early may cause to much stress on the legs - especially since I want to be sure to have a good 20 on Saturday. I was about to rest completely. Then, around 6:20 AM after waking up, I stretched and saw that it was a marvelous 59 degrees outside. I said, "how about just a short 4 recovery pace?" And so I laced them up and it felt good. Did an easy 4 - or maybe a little longer.

WTD Mileage: 10+ - all recovery

Plan for the rest of the week

Wed 8/16 - 14 miles - 5:15 AM start before work. Excited to get back onto the training ground. These will be steady miles. Not going to push too hard. Want to keep them around 8-8:15 if I can. We've got great weather planned!

Thu 8/17 - Morning will bring no miles for me. Evening: The Nike Run Hit Remix is downtown, right at the very place the CDC was held - as well as where the marathon will be held. (I'm starting to get to know the terrain!) This will be a fun 5-mile run, with tons of music and a whole lotta people. It is a 9:00 PM start, which is kind of neat. De La Soul is the headliner ("Me, Myself and I" - one hit wonder). I won't be running for time here, but I may plan to run 7's just to do a little bit of tempo work this week. Will warm-up with 1 for a total of 6.

Fri 8/18 - Rest. Travel to Pittsburgh for Steve's bachelor party and to hopefully meet my new niece, Haley (who is still unborn and 3 days late and counting!).

Sat 8/19 - Knock out my first 20 miler this program with Steve (the bachelor) at 6:15 AM ET at North Park - the best training ground in Pittsburgh (lots of miles logged here for my first three marathons in '01-03). We're going to do steady 8:00's on the 20. Then get Steve good and drunk later that evening.

Sun 8/20 - Rest - Fly from Pittsburgh to London Heathrow for business travel in Europe through Friday

Mileage target for this week: 50

Next week...

I will be in Europe most of the week on business. I will travel to North London to our Global tech center on Monday and Tuesday. I then travel to Geneva, Switzerland and Holzminden, Germany on Tues eve through Thurs. I have meetings with suppliers in these two wonderful cities in Europe.

With the logistics of flying, driving and then conducting meetings, running will be on pause between Wed and Fri until I get home in the afternoon on Friday.

It's going to be an extremely busy week. I planned far in advance that this trip would fall on my recovery week, so my mileage will be lower.

I will be back in the USA by Friday afternoon next week, so I will make the Saturday AM 19-miler with the CARA group. Initial goal for next week's mileage will be in the range of 36-40. I want to get in at least 13-14 in Europe on two runs if I can.


Arcaner said...

Great race with the half. You're half time is already predicting a BQ and you're not even half way through the training yet!

Running Jayhawk said...

Hey! Look out for us at the Run Hit Remix. I'll probably be hanging out by Vertigo's stage and then run past all the other stages.

I love me some U2...well...imitation U2.

Nicole said...

Well I know you will be working but try to have fun. be safe.

Chris said...

Have fun in Europe and happy running.