Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Freezing our arses off

It is currently a "RealFeel" of zero degrees, according to AccuWeather. Tomorrow morning, it will be a -5. This is way to frickin' cold to enjoy running. My resolve to run in the winter is being tested.

It is definitely colder here in the Chicago 'burbs than in CT. Current temps prove it. It's a wimpy 27 degree RealFeel in my former residence of Norwalk, CT right now. What was I thinking with this move?

Yesterday, it was a mere 7 degrees RealFeel, so I knocked out my planned four without incident. I had the full shebang of wardrobe: skin tight running pants, overpants, hat, headband, thick gloves, running coat, underlayer in Polyester, two pairs of sox. Name it, brother!

4 miles - Avg pace: 8:10

Today, I said "no way" to going outside and headed to my local gym early morn. I rocked out 5 miles on the 'dreadmill (quite an accomplishment for me), and managed to incorporate at least four or five steady intervals of 6% grade for 0.15-0.25 miles. My research tells me I need to run hills for Boston.

5 miles - avg pace: 7:51 - HILLS!
Don't know what I will do tomorrow. Driving to the gym at 6:15 AM is a pain in the arse. I'm supposed to 4 mile easy.

WTD: 9 miles


Bapp said...

I am feeling your pain. First a weak arse causing ITB issues and now a frozen arse. Good job with running on the treadmill - sometimes it just has to be done to get in the miles.

Arcaner said...

I tagged you.