Sunday, January 21, 2007

Life will be changing

I didn't rest the entire time that I had planned. I made it about 10 days without running a step and then decided to get outside and run a few on Thursday.

On Thursday, my first mile after 10 days of rest was a 7:32. I took it easy after that and finished 3.6 at about 7:50 per mile pace total.

I wanted to do a full 4 miles but (a) it was freezing cold, and I wasn't dressed right, and (b) the knee was slightly annoyed and I didn't want to push it.

I can't tell as yet if my hiatus helped my cause. Who knows. I cannot afford to wait any longer.

Yesterday, I ran outside here with the hope of doing at least 8 miles. It was 20 degrees and very sunny. I felt strong enough to do 9 miles. The knee felt OK, but the fact is I can still feel the ITB issue. I will continue to do my exercises.

On to the big news: my wife is pregnant! Her due date is in September. It's still early, so I am cautiously optimistic. If all goes as planned, here comes the life of baby joggers and sleep deprivation for my runs!

Recap of 1/15/07 week

Monday - Speed walk - 3 miles
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Rest - travel to Norwalk
Thursday - 3.6 miles - First run in 10 days - Norwalk, CT - felt the knee
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 9 miler - 7:55 avg pace - all went reasonably well
Sunday - Gym: Stretches/strengthening - leg presses - 2.4 miles on tread - 8:20 avg pace

Total mileage (incl. speed walk): 18 miles

I will be starting up Hal's Boston Bound Program, which is a 12 week plan.

Week #1 plan

Mon 1/22 - 3 EZ
Tue 1/23 - 3xhill, 1 down - est 5 miles - where I'm going to find a hill?
Wed 1/24 - 3 EZ
Thu 1/25 - 5 Tempo
Fri 1/26 - Rest
Sat 1/27 - Timed 3/1 run of 1:20 (est 10 miles) - Run w/CARA group
Sun 1/28 - 6 mile pace run (3 or 4 at pace)

Goal mileage: 32


Firefly's Running said...

Nice effort!!

Arcaner said...

Congratulations Dad (to be)!

mouse said...

as soon as I saw your headline, I thought, "I bet his wife is pregnant!"

CONGRATULATIONS! that is so exciting!

Tara said...

CONGRATS RYAN!! How exciting!!! Good plan for your running too. Also, thanks for the input on my blog...much appreciated!!

Chad Austin said...

Congrats. Since you're a hockey player I can use the "Way to sneak one by the goalie." analogy.

LeahC said...

congrats!!!! that's awesome. go go baby joggers

Anonymous said...

Cheers is definitely right.

Congrats to you and your wife.

yumke said...

And I thought the post was going to be just about the knee! congrats to you and your family!

Bapp said...

Awesome to hear about your good news. Higdon doesn't have a plan for having kids, does he? Just kidding. The 12 week plan sounds right on for you. Welcome back to running. And the "speed walk" on Monday???