Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mid-week update

First, I admit I am struggling to blog to my fullest potential. Truth is, I embarked upon another passion recently: Writing. I am taking an online writing class and, on top of work and running, it is taking up some spare time. I do love it so far, though. I feel really inspired.

I am on track here with Hal's Boston Bound program - Week #1 of 12. Well, almost, except for one minor detail within yesterday's workout. I'm supposed to do hill repeats every other Tuesday.

Folks, I live in the FLATTEST place in the world. My subdivision is 4 years old and was built on top of endless miles of corn fields out here the Chicago suburban sprawl.

The nearest respectable hill that I know of must be at least a 10 mile drive. I can't pull that off before work. SO... I ran flat and a little bit faster than usual yesterday.

Good news is that the ITB seems to be coming around. I'm feeling better. My PT was right on, the more I read. My damn gluteus medius were way too weak for my running level. How in the hell did it take this long to feel the pain?

The program is fairly, shall we say, novice here in the beginning - in terms of total mileage. Honestly, however, it works for me right now. I cannot do the 50 mile weeks right now until we heal the ITB entirely. Until then, I am enjoying the shorter runs mid-week.

This weekend's 10-12 miler on Saturday will be the test.


Mon - 3.15 mi -7:57 avg
Tue - 4.61 mi - 7:25 avg - Mile 2 at 6:33! All felt good.
Wed - 3.41 mi - 7:42 avg


Thu - 5 miles tempo (just slower than 10k pace for 2-3 miles, around 6:40 for now)
Fri - Rest
Sat - 10-12 miles 3/1 run (target 1:20-1:35 running time)
Sun - 6 miles pace


Running Jayhawk said...

Waterfall Glenn has some wonderful hills for running...nice concrete path. It's off of 55...let me know if you want directions. Our group meets out there once in a while for running.

Hope the ITB is doing better...

Neese said...

Hi Ryan... the writing class sounds interesting, would you mind sharing the website/info? thanks :)

Firefly's Running said...

What kind of exercises has your PT had you do for that weak muscle? I hope it heals really soon.

Vendelascity said...

Oh wow, my PT advised that I lay off running for a few weeks, too (piriformis syndrome) and I'm not taking that advice well. I just registered for Chicago and since I'm coming off of a 10 month running layoff (barely 10 miles a week), I have a lot of work to do before the marathon training begins next month. I'm not a fan of indoor cross-training but what else can I do? Anyway, I'm curious about what sort of exercises your PT has advised since piriformis syndrom and IT band problems arise from similar muscle weaknesses in the gluteus minimus/maximus. Thanks!

wayfool said...

awesome work dude... glad to hear your ITB is getting better

yumke said...

Good you're taking writing classes! Nice that you have an outlet (your blog) to practice...

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your ITB is feeling better.