Friday, January 05, 2007

Limping along

I felt I was making great progress by building mileage. However, I had a setback the last couple of days with the left ITB. I have been rolling the crap out of my left IT band on the foam roller, and trying to stretch, but I guess it's not healed.

My 10-miler on Wednesday was downright tough the last few miles. I completed it, but my leg was bothering me somethin' fierce and I felt spent. I think worrying about my leg is mentally taxing. This is causing me to fatigue physically.

Yesterday's six-miler was supposed to be 8, but the leg, combined with the wicked winds and my impending GI tract problem forced me home early. The last mile was a near miss from wrecking my shorts.

I am finding that, on rested fresh legs, the first 4-5 miles are really pain-free - and then the IT band starts become aggravated. I then labor through, some times altering my form over the last couple of miles.

On not-so-fresh legs, it takes only a couple of miles to feel the annoying IT band. These runs I can get through.

On the last mile of yesterday's 10'er, a coworker saw me while she was driving into work, and mentioned to me later in the day that I looked like I was limping.

I am at 21 miles WTD. I hope to get in 15 tomorrow morning with the group.

I am excited for my PT Eval on Monday - and follow up appt scheduled for Wednesday. I am hoping I will get a miracle working PT who rehabilitate me to my old running self.


Mon - 5
Tue - Rest
Wed - 10
Thu - 6 - last two miles were walk/run
Fri - Rest


Sat - 15
Sun - Rest


Firefly's Running said...

Oh no, Ryan. Hang in there!

Arcaner said...

Hey Ryan,

If you're injured, you should maybe cut back. For me, Boston has always been more about the qualifying than the actual running of the race. So much so that I've decided that if (when?) I end up BQ'ing that my first Boston will be a personal worst time. I'm going to run it for the experience and not to try and set a new PR. Of course this may change once I'm actually at the start line in Boston, but that's my intention anyways. So i'd say take it easy.

Neese said...

sorry you are going through this, try to relax and give it time

Bapp said...

I am feeling your pain and completely understand your frustration. Arcaner may have a point. I know that you are probably a competitive guy and would hate to not give Boston your best. Think about revising your training plan based upon how the next couple of weeks go. Here is to hoping that PT will provide you a miracle or an ITB transplant.

Running Rabbit said...

Do you need some heavy narcotics? I can send you mine!