Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007 - Ready to rock another running year

And so another year has passed. I would say that 2006 was an outstanding year. We moved from CT to IL, and are enjoying the Chicagoland area. We bought our first "real" house (i.e. not a condo). Career seems be going well enough. And I qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Some 2006 running statistics:

Est number of miles run: 1,628
Number of races completed: 9 -- two marathons, two halfs, one 10M, one 8k, one 10k, one 5M, one 5k - and maybe one that I can't recall
PR's set: Marathon, half-marathon, 8k, 5k, 1M (personal time trial)
States run in: CT, NJ, IL, FL, CO, UT, NV, PA, OH (missed opportunities: CA, MI)
Foreign nations run in: UK, Mexico (missed opportunities: Germany, Switzerland)
Number of pairs of running shoes purchased: At least 6 - all Asics GT-211x or Gel-Kayano
Estimated amount of money spent on race registration: At least $420
Estimated number of GU's consumed: 100+?

Saturday's run 12/30/06

I was able to get out in the cold rain and knock out 13 solid miles in solitude. I was unable to get up on time to make it the CARA run, so I flew it solo. All went well with the knee.

13 miles - 1:42:15 - 7:51 pace - Avg HR: 151

BAPP kindly pointed out on my last post that I didn't complain about my knee. The IT band is doing better. I purchased a foam roller and have been stretching before all runs. The issue is still there, but it is tolerable at this point. I am going to beat it.

Recap of 12/25 week

Mon - 5
Tue - 6
Wed - Rest
Thu - 7 with fast finish
Fri - 5 recovery
Sat - 13

Total: 36 miles

Starting this week, I will hop onto the Pfitzinger training plan. I am little groggy from last night's new year's celebration in Wrigleyville, so I need to decide if I will do the 8 later today or swap it with tomorrow's recovery 5-miler.

Mon - 8 General aerobic w/10x100m strides
Tue - 5 recovery
Wed - 10 G.A.
Thu - Rest
Fri - 4 recovery
Sat - 15 med-long

Mileage goal: 42

Hope all of your new year running plans are coming together. Here is to a wildly successful 2007!


Dori said...

Happy New Year, Ryan. When I was talking to Carrie T., I told her about your "smokin' hot" comment about her Running Times cover. Did you see she was also the Dec cover girl for Runner's World? It's pretty unusual to be on the cover of both magazines in the same month.

robtherunner said...

Happy New Year, Ryan! I look forward to following your progress in 2007. And good call on Carrie T. That Running Times cover was no doubt a "smokin hot" photo of her. I felt like I should hide the magazine from my wife so she didn't start giving me a hard time about reading it and getting rid of it.

yumke said...

Happy New Year. Good luck with the training. I'll be paying attention to your Pfitzinger training, as I'm going to use it for my marathon training for the fall.

Running Rabbit said...

Hellooo?? You post that pic but don't give us a caption as to where you were? It looks interesting...

I'm doing Pfietz too...we'll see how long I can hang with the big dogs, so to speak.

Runner Susan said...

Happy new year to you too! I might give Pfitz a try . . . might.

Firefly's Running said...

Happy New Year, Ryan. You did awesome last year!

Bob said...

What an incredible year you had Ry, thanks for sharing it with us. You chased down a few dreams this year, here's to more in 2007.

Running Jayhawk said...

Happy New Year. You certainly accomplished a lot in '06. And I cannot wait to follow you during the upcoming months as you prep for Boston.

AND...if the Chicago runners were to get together sometime in the next month or so...where would one send the evite? I don't want a chip on your shoulder again... :P