Thursday, February 08, 2007

28.2 consecutive miles on a treadmill

OK, not all in one session, of course, but I am proud enough to share this stat. The negative windchills have forced me to adapt my running inside. All of my last 28.2 miles have been on the tread: including 5, 6, 7 and 8 milers.

Big news of the day is Anna Nicole's passing. Not much to say about this.

On Tuesday, I knocked out a daily treadmill double: 6 in the morning, and 5 in the evening. I did this because my flight to NY on Tue night was cancelled due to snow and I pushed it to Wed AM. This meant I wouldn't be able to run on Wed AM. So I travelled to CT and back on Wed for work, which made for a long one-day journey.

Tonight, I rocked out a steady 7 miles on the dread-tread. I did this in 53:50 or 7:41 pace, which was solid. I like to think that treadmill miles count double to regular outside miles, due to the psychological trauma. OK, maybe a bit of stretch.

Next week, I will be off to London and Amsterdam and then back to London for a series of meetings; hence moving around Europe quite a bit. It will be a down week. Goal is to run in the range of 32-34 miles.

WTD: 18 mi -- ON TRACK

Weekend plan:

Fri - Rest
Sat -15 mi - 8:00-8:10 pace
Sun - 7 mi - take red-eye to London


Firefly's Running said...

WTG, Ryan!!

wayfool said...

nice job! way to fight through mind numbing treadmill workouts.

How do you managed to maintain the training with all the traveling you do?

Ryan said...

Wayfool, it takes a lot of planning. A lot. I often plan my flights around being able to run in the morning if I can. For overseas trips, I usually am able to plan far enough in advance for when it's not a critical training week (like this week). Always have to plan well in advance, and always have running gear with you!