Sunday, February 11, 2007

Forty the hard way

Mission accomplished... I hit 40 miles total this week, despite extraordinarily cold temperatures for the past several days.

My week was capped off with a 14-mile Saturday comprised of the following:

Two 4.7 mile loops at Morton Aboretum - Est 7:50 pace - Est temp 4 deg with -12 windchill. Chilly!
Everyone in the running group quit after 9.4 mi, so I headed straight to the gym to knock out 4.6 miles at 8:01 avg pace.

Today, we experienced a heat wave and the temps got up to the mid-20's! Hooray! I crushed eight miles with ease outside around my neighborhood. I know I am getting stronger, but my splits seemed so easy at 7:20-7'30's with a reasonable HR in the 150's.

Week recap:

Tue - 5+6 mi = 11 all on tread
Thu - 7 mi on tread
Sat - 14 mi - split btw outside and the tread
Sun - 8 mi outside on flat pavement - 7:37 pace

Total: 40 miles

For this week...

Will be a stepback week due to overseas travel. Heading momentarily to my 8:05 PM CT flight to London Heathrow. Will be traveling and tied up in supplier meetings most of the week - not to mention jet lagged.

Goal is to do at least one 8-mile run near London Stansted aiport on Tuesday AM before returning home on Thursday night. May have a chance to do a short 4 in London on Thursday morning if things go well.

Tue - 7
Thu - 3
Fri - 5
Sat - 15
Sun - 7

Goal: 32-34 miles total - maybe 37 if I can get in the Thurs AM run


Bob said...

Have a good trip Ryan I give you credit for getting out on Saturday, I hear you on the heat wave thing, it is BALMY here.

robtherunner said...

Have a safe trip and I hope you're able to get a run or two in while you're there.

Firefly's Running said...

Have a safe trip. Nice job in getting your 40 miles in.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are traveling safely.