Friday, February 23, 2007

Running & writing as the Boston quest continues

First, I must apologize for not being the most consistent commenter and poster as of late. I do read many of y0ur posts quickly, but have not been as active is commenting as I would like.

Break out the excuse monkey. One of my 2007 goals was to really explore my interest in writing. I have been spending my extra time with an online writing class.

In addition, I have been reading so I can learn more about how professional authors write (recommending Human Capital by Stephen Amidon). Then throw in work and the usual headaches associated with it, and blogging, as a result, has suffered.

Writing is an intriguingly challenging craft to just up and start pursuing. I am deepening my understanding of the written word and how I can prolifically express with conviction all the wonderous ideas that bounce around inside of my mind. All right, 'nuff about writing, this is my running blog.

Anyway, my quest for Boston is alive and well. I reluctantly am declaring myself fully recovered from the ilitobial band syndrome that I was experiencing in Dec-Jan.

This week is on track to become my biggest week since last year during Chicago training.

I need to give a shout out to new, fellow blogger Serendipitious Runner, who qualified for Boston for the 1st time as a result of a stellar performance in Austin last week. Congrats, bro!

Week to date activity

Monday - 4 - 7:47 pace
Tuesday - 9 - 7:29 pace
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - 9 - 7:46 pace
Friday - 5 recovery - 8:47 pace

27 miles WTD - On track for 44 mile target

Hopefully, we'll be able to avoid the wintry mix, snow mess that is headed to Chicago tomorrow morning. Goal is to get in 17 miles before the weather hits.


Firefly's Running said...

I am SO glad that your IT band is being nice now. I wish mine was that lucky. I swear it acts like a teenager.

Neese said...

Hey blogging IS writing, so writing a post after doing a class assignment would be like a cool down run after a race, right? :)

robtherunner said...

Nice to hear that the ITB is better and you can get back on track. I completely understand about blogging being put on the backburner. I try to catch up with everyone on the weekend.

wayfool said...

Good to hear your training is back on track! Don't let up on those exercises now that it's feeling better. Thanks for the special shout-out. I'm on vacation right now, so I'll post a race report soon.