Monday, February 05, 2007

Strong week in the cold

The statement "making the most out of the bitterly cold weather" sums up last week's training.

I ran 36 miles, which is short of my 40 mile goal. However, given the 25-30 below windchills the last few days, I am quite proud of my week. I cranked out 17 of my miles last week on a treadmill - including a solid 8-miler yesterday with no stopping. That is a P.R for treadmill mileage in a week. I am overcoming the psychological barrier of training indoors.

Saturday's run was the ultimate test. It was seriously frigid. Dangerously cold. The diehards were out at the Aboretum, but only a handful could handle more than one single 4.7 mi loop. I managed to stick it out with a couple of others for a second 3.1 mile loop. But that was it. Could barely feel my fingers and the winds were getting worse.

You'll notice no major griping about the IT band. It is getter better. I am focusing on exercises to strengthen the glutes and stretching. I have also worked in some basic leg presses to increase strength in the hammy's and quads.

I took today off to rest the legs and recover from the Super Bowl hangover. The hometown Bears laid an egg.

Recap of 1/29 week

Mon -4 miles outside - 8:20 pace
Tue - 5 miles on treadmill - intense hill workout (up to 6% inclines in .25 mi intervals) 7:55 pace
Wed - Rest
Thu - 7 miles outside - 7:37 avg pace
Fri - 2 miles on tread at gym
Sat - 10 mi total - (7.8 in bitter cold with CARA - 7:37 pace, 2.2 on tread in the evening, 7:32 pace).
Sun- 8 easy on the tread

Total: 36 miles

This week's plan

Mon - Rest
Tue - 6 mi - speed and hill work
Wed - 5 miles easy
Thu - 7 miles - work in 2 miles at lact. threshold
Fri - Rest
Sat - 15 miles - low 8's pace
Sun - 7 miles - MP: 7:40 per

Goal: 40 miles

Countdown: 70 days to Boston


Bapp said...

Great job on sticking with running out in the cold and getting by with the treadmill. Midwest weather sounds crazy cold. Glad to hear that the ITB is continuing to get better. Keep up with the stretching and exercises.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Congratulations on your hard work on the treadmill and at the arboretum.

If you can overcome the madness that is long running on the treadmill and the frostbite that is running outdoors in this weather, you clearly have what it takes to succeed in Boston.

Bob said...

Nice work Ryan, yes the treadmill somehow becomes not so much of a Dreadmill when it is -15 outside.

Sounds like the IT Band issue is behind you, great news.

Firefly's Running said...

Great job, Ryan! You are doing really good. Now I just to get through my recovery like you did so I can get back to running.