Sunday, February 18, 2007

Eight weeks til Boston

My business trip across the Atlantic went pretty much as planned. I was able to get in a 6.9 miler near the London Stansted airport. The weather was glorious. I went from -20 windchill to 45 degrees and sunny on Tuesday morning 7AM London time.

I was hoping to get in at least a few miles on Thursday morning in central downtown London, but I was struck with insominia on Wed eve and my schedule was tight. So I skipped the run, went to Starbucks and headed into our world HQ.

Friday noontime, I headed into the gym to avoid the subzero winds again and got my 5'er as planned.

I was unable to run with the CARA die-hards on Sat AM. Unfortunately, Jen's pregnancy did not work out. I had to take her into scheduled surgery for a "D.A.C." on Sat AM at 7:00 AM. This surgery cleans out her female parts after an unsuccessful pregnancy. So I spent my morning in the hospital and everything went well with Jen's procedure.

I then was able to get out by myself on Saturday afternoon for a strong, challenging 15-mile long run at the Aboretum. I tell you the truth in that I was pretty tired at the end of this run. My HR was up higher than normal. I think the hills plus the snowy, slick concrete really did me in. I finished strong with a 7:07 mile.

There are 56 days to the Boston Marathon. With no traveling for now, my plan is to kick it up to 44 miles this upcoming week if I can. I am going to be monitoring my left knee closely. I felt a little tenderness after yesterday's run. If I am not careful, I could relapse on the ITB issue.

Recap of 2/12 week

Mon - Rest
Tue - 6.9 mi - London
Wed - Traveled to Amsterdam
Thu - Meetings in London - flew home
Fri - 5.1 mi - treadmill - 7:55 avg
Sat - 15 mi - by my lonesome - Morton Aboretum - 7:47 avg
Sun - 5 mi recovery run - 8:53 avg

Total: 32 miles - goal met

Plan for 2/19 week - 44 mile target

Mon - 6
Tue - 7
Wed - Rest
Thu - 9
Fri - 5
Sat - 17


Fran said...

Sorry to hear about the pregnancy. I hope you both are doing all right.

Bapp said...

I do not know of anyone else that runs around airports to get in their weekly miles. But you have to do what you have to do. Nice job. Sorry about the news.

Firefly's Running said...

Ryan, I am SO sorry about the pregnancy. I hope your wife is doing well.

Great job on the running.

yumke said...

hey, sorry to hear about your wife... i can't believe how fast time has gone.. in two months, we'll be cheerin you on