Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mid-week update

I am a person of reflection and ever-changing priorities.

Running has been a steady presence in my life over the past several years and it seems I continue to try to push the envelope. Also, my career is important to me, and I have found that it is more challenging than ever to try to escalate both at the same time.

Every week, it's a struggle to prioritize. I've learned to put family first, for the most part, or at least schedule runs around family visits when possible. I've gotten pretty good at planning runs around my work/travel schedule, but I think sometimes I do cut corners in my work life to ensure I can get my run on. But I don't want to cheat my career - or my socializing!

What the hell will I do when I have kids?

I'm pretty much on track to plan this week so far.

Mon 6/18 – 10 miles 7:46 pace – Pretty strong run - Barenaked Ladies concert
Tue 6/19 – Early flight to NY. 4 mile run in evening - lots of hills in CT - guesstimate 8 mi pace
Wed 6/20 – 8 miler - 7:49 pace - hilly run in Norwalk CT
Thu 6/21 – Rest / Fly back home

I am looking forward to the 10-mile race on Sunday - just hope the temp's stay in check. My last year's result was a 1:11:52. I should be able to crush that right now - hopefully can run around 1:09. That would be a very good result.

Weekend plan

Fri 6/22 – 8 miles general aerobic
Sat 6/23 – 4 miles easy/recovery
Sun 6/24 – RACE: 2 mile warm-up + 10 mile race = 12 total

On track for weekly goal of 46 miles - 108 days to go
Will go for 51 miles next week


jen said...

You do have a lot on your plate! I sometimes wonder about how I'll fit all the training and social life etc.. in when I have kids too, but then I get scared and distract myself with other thoughts. :P

Good luck this weekend at the race!! You're going to do great, I know it! :)

Nicole said...

Good luck on Sunday.

Firefly's Running said...

Good luck on Sunday. I am sure that you will do great!