Sunday, June 17, 2007

The miles and temperatures are climbing

I was feeling a bit fatigued today from yesterday's strong run in the heat. I ran with the 7:30 pace group with the CARA Wheaton group (there were three of us) . It was very warm and I feel pretty good about our paces given the 70+'s plus the humidity.

11 miles at 7:28 pace - 5.5 out and 5.5 back on the Prarie Path
4 miles at 7:50 pace - headed back on my own after 11 miles
Total: 15 miles - 1:56

On Friday, I did seven fairly easy miles at around 8:25 avg pace.

Overall, I came up 3 miles short from the weekly goal of 46, pretty much due to the crappy run I had on Thursday.

Recap of 6/11 week

Mon - 5
Tue - 10
Wed - Rest
Thu - 6
Fri - 7
Sat - 15
Sun - Rest

Total: 43

This week again will be very busy. We are going to the BNL concert tomorrow night - then I fly back again to CT early Tuesday morning. Due to travel, evening events and the 10-mile race on Sunday, I will only be able to target 45 miles this coming week. I hope to nail the fifty mark the week of July 2nd.

Week of 6/18 plan

Mon - 10 miles
Tue - 4 recovery
Wed - 8 general aerobic w/10x100m strides
Thu - Rest
Fri - 7 easy
Sat - 4 miles recovery
Sun - 2 warm-up miles + 10 race = 12 total

Target: 45


Fran said...

BNL! My favorite band. They're from Toronto you know. Have fun!

Theoutofshapeguy said...

Awesome job buddy. The heat was killing me yesterday.

robtherunner said...

Good luck with the 10 miler next weekend.

jen said...

Great job on the long run, and a solid week of training. Stay hydrated out there, and be safe. :)

yumke said...

1:56 for 15 miles.. yikes.. and great!

Steve said...

Keep up the hard work. I think Chicago this year is going rock for both of us. I just hope I can keep up with you...I am training to try!!!