Thursday, June 14, 2007

Training is heating up

I am trying to regain momentum in training after our wonderful relay - as well as deal with my travel / work schedule which is testing me right now. Work is absolutely crazy right now for our year-end. Not to mention that the in-laws arrived this evening, so the wife has all kind of family activities planned this weekend. Translation: No down time to catch up with work or just relax.

I would be lying if I said the stress didn't get to me a little bit yesterday, but I bounced back today -- even though I had a really shitty run.

Really trying to find a way to hit all the miles I want. Have to go back to CT next week for 3 days. Travel really affects the running schedule.

Isn't life exhillirating when we take on too much and put ourselves in over our heads?

Recap of WTD

Monday - Norwalk, CT - 5 miles - 8:12
Tuesday 6AM ET - Norwalk, CT - 10 miles - 7:45 - excellent hill work and fartleks
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Terrible run, poor sleep, major GI issues in the morning, hot weather. Planned on 10 miles - ran 6 miles - 8:05 average.

Total: 21

Here is the planned weekend.

Friday - 8 miles
Saturday - 15 miles

It is going to be a HOT weekend, folks!


Tom said...

Hi Ryan,

I like your site and your posts. You have great race performances.

I'm training to run the Chicago Marathon for the 11th time.

I wrote about Chicago in my post today. Just musings about my excitement. Would be interested in your reaction. I've run Boston and NYC, and Chicago remains my favorite.

Keep up your great work!


Banking Miles said...

Looks like you have a lot on your plate. You have done great before and I am sure that you will train great despite your busy schedule - you are the only person that I have read about that runs around airports during your trips. Good luck with the heat.