Sunday, October 16, 2005

18-mile week / En route to the UK today

I am writing this entry from the Aer Lingus hospitality lounge at JFK airport. AH, it is nice to fly business class. I am heading to Dublin, Ireland today for work. I am really excited about my first visit to Ireland. I will also fly over to England and Scotland during the week -- and then back to Dublin. But first, I need to recap this week's activities. Wasn't the best week, but that's OK... train keeps a rollin'.

Mon 10/10 -- Cross Train @ company gym

OK, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a little bit sore from Sunday's Great Train Race. I mean... those HILLS... well, let's just say my quads were just a bit sore for 24-48 hours.

But I decided to hit the gym to do a little bit of strength training. I'm not pretending that it was an intense upper body workout. But I did get some intensity going and work some muscles other than those in my legs. I did a warm-up on the bike, which was tough with my legs still like jello.

I was alarmed to see that my training log indicated my last visit was 4+ weeks before! I need to get back the balance of gym vs. running.

Tue 10/11

Jen and I stayed up late to watch the Steelers on MNF. They won, which was cool. But it was not cool for any plans of an early AM run. I knew I had a flight Cincinatti at 5PM - so getting in an evening run was a long shot. I rested again on this day and planned for an early morning run in Cincy on Wed.

Wed 10/12 -- Cincinatti, OH

I got up, as planned, and headed out aimlessly in the Northwest Cincy corporate area near I-271. It was pitch black when I started at 6:45. Still dark at 7AM. I ran a there-and-back through some corporate back roads along the edge of the Interstate 271 loop that circles around the city. It was a healthy run.

  • TIME: 37:56
  • EST PACE: 7:35
  • EST DIST: 5.0
Thu 10/13 -- REST

Cincinatti, OH -- Had a terrible night's sleep in the Hotel. With e-mails piling up and no in-room internet connection, I couldn't get out the door to run.

Fri 10/14 -- Company Gym Treadmill

  • TIME: 22:30
  • EST PACE: 7:30
  • EST DIST: 3.0

Boy, do I hate treadmills. But with 9 consecutive days of intense rainfall in the NY/CT area, it was either risk being a flood victim or hop onto the 'mill.

Sat 10/15 -- Mohawk's Peak

Excellent morning to run. I needed a good six-miler and I got it. Headed out 8:30 for some gorgeous fall Connecticut scenery.
  • TIME: 44:00
  • EST PACE: 7:20
  • EST DIST: 6.0
Sun 10/16 - Home in Norwalk

1:00 PM -- Quick run. Had to get outside and knock out 4 miles before I finished packing for Dublin. Ran in the usual places... Wolfpit to Grumman to Overbrook... etc. I had some speed as I had to get home and get to the airport.

  • TIME: 28:44
  • EST PACE: 7:10
  • EST DIST: 4.0

SUMMARY -- 18 miles this week. No major accomplishments outside the ordinary this past week. Need to look ahead to a new race.

Heading to the UK this week may pose some running challenges, but I've got my gear and will go for a few runs. The Mystic 10-mile is on Sunday - one week from today. I'm not prepared to run a race like that with any kind of PR speed, but I may decide to drift out to Mystic if I've got nothing else to do.

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